February Favorites 2014

It's time for my list of favorite products and things for February 2014!
My lists usually include at least one nail polish, because, well, obviously, I have a problem... But this post is even more polish heavy than usual! February was a good month for polishes apparently, as I found some nice ones to add to my collection.

KBShimmer Oh Splat!
Speaking of nail polish, why don't we start with some!
First up for my favorite list is one of my wish listed polishes that I finally picked up in February. I have already raved about this polish quite a bit in my review, so I won't bore you, but I love this polish in shade and formula, and was so happy to add it to my collection that this has to be one of my absolute favorite purchases for the whole of February.
Here's a swatch from my review:

So pretty!
Nicole by O.P.I Blue-berry Sweet on You.
Another polish favorite is this cute textured polish from O.P.I. I saw this shade on another nail bloggers blog and loved it, so when I stumbled upon it at my local drugstore I had to buy it! I haven't had the chance to swatch it yet, (That's coming soon.) but I can't wait to. I've never tried the Nicole line before, so I'm curious to see the formula at work as well.

Milani Sugar Rush.
I won't lie, this was a total impulse purchase with no planning or purpose. I am a loyal Milani shopper, so I always check their section whenever I go to my drugstore. This polish was from one of their most recent lines. I normally shy away from such large glitter, but Milani makes impressive glitter formulas, so I couldn't resist. Plus, the color scheme is lovely and quirky. I can't wait to swatch it for you all soon.

Dots by Color Club.

My next polish favorite for February was actually from my -Now out of business :( - job. We normally carried only our own Dots brand of polishes, so when I saw that we were selling Color Club polish sets I was way too curious to pass up buying a set. I already have a Color Club set I bought at a beauty show ages ago, so I already knew I would enjoy the formulas. This mini collection comes with two golden metallic shades, as well as two dense glitter toppers. Sadly they are nameless, which is a disappointment, since Color Club usually has some cute names, and it makes it easier to keep track and replace polishes. But I'm still looking forward to swatching them, and they are in my To Review stockpile ready and waiting, so keep a look out.

O.P.I Push and Shove Duet Pack.
My final nail polish favorite is the popular Push and Shove Duet Pack. Which creates a nice chrome finish on your nails. I was beyond curious after reading many a review on it, so when I was recently at Ulta I bought it to see what all the fuss was about. I actually swatched it today! So that review will be posted very soon, as well as a little design I did with it. I won't go into too much detail (I'll save that for my review.), but I will say that I am, so far, pleasantly surprised, seeing as the reviews for it are quite mixed.

Marc Jacobs Honey.
How could I make a February favorites post without mentioning, again, my complete obsession with my Marc Jacobs Honey fragrance. I've already blathered on about it in my recent review, but I just had to share it one last time!

Bolthouse Farms Salted Caramel Latte.
I don't really talk about food often on this blog (Besides my Skoshbox Reviews of course.). But I recently tried one of these salted caramel coffee drinks and now I am hooked. They taste like milkshakes! I have jumped on the salted caramel band wagon completely. I can pretend I drink it for the fact that it's organic, and full of protein, but it's really because it is so beyond good, and tastes like dessert. The health benefits are purely coincidental...

Downton Abbey season 4 DVD.
Yes, I was one of those people who pre-ordered this season before it even ended! I love this show so much, and I am on pins and needles waiting for the next season! I want to know what will happen! I have watched this DVD, as well as my season 1-3 box set an embarrassing amount of times at this point... I think I like this show almost as much as Doctor Who! *Gasp!*

Fashion sweatpants from Dots.
 I've talked about these in my most recent haul post, but pants that feel like pajamas, yet still look cute, have to be included in my favorites list. This whole "fashion sweatpants" thing may be rather stupid, but I will take any excuse to be comfortable. Plus, they may not look like much in the picture, but with some cute flats and a plain blouse, they actually look cute and somewhat put together. Much more so than the usually ratty ones I own that I wouldn't set foot out the door wearing.

Thanks for reading! To see what made my favorites list in January 2014 click here.
-xo Brittany

What are some of your favorite things for February? Let me know in the comments!

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