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Hello readers! Because I have no self control, and have a weakness for sales and clearance, I have another fashion haul to share with you today. I also fell victim to Payless' BOGO sale and have some shoes too! I am not really a shoe girl, but my flats are on their last legs, so I figured it was about time to buy some new ones.
Most of this haul is from my work, which as I've mentioned is going out of business. Unfortunately, I got even more bad news -As if that were possible!- and learned that instead of closing in a few months, my store will be closing in 5 days... Yeah... So my haul posts won't be as often, since I won't be working. But I did buy some goodbye things from work today, and plan on making a post about it soon.

OK. No more whining, back to this post. :p

Payless shoes.
Shoes! For those rare people out there who have not shopped at Payless, they have an evil, awesome, wallet emptying, sale called BOGO, or "Buy one get one half off". I fall for it every time... So hiding behind the excuse that I needed new flats I picked up these cuties.

Because deep down I'm apparently a professor, I bought these loafer-like flats with cute little tassels!

Then I got these cute polka dotted cap toed flats half off. I normally hate the, I don't know what they're called, "scrunchy" flats, if that makes sense... But these are so cute, and really comfortable. I wore them to work for an eight hour shift with no problems. Plus they're very vintage looking, and I can't pass up anything vintage.

Elephant earrings from Amazon.
I don't know... I love weird earrings... And they're elephants! And were only $3! Need I say more?...

sweater from Dot's.
If you follow me on Instagram (Link to the right if you want to... Maybe...) then you probably know that I love Instagram. I'm on there everyday, and post at least once a day. So when I saw this instagram hashtag themed sweater at work it had to come home with me! It's so cute!

White jeans from Dots.
 The girl with four cats and total butterfingers bought white pants... This may have been a major mistake... I pretty much have to change my entire diet when wearing these, just in case. So no cranberry juice or uncovered coffee on white pants days. I don't think these will last long, but they look so chic right now. Though I regret pairing them with my hashtag sweater, which I did last week, the mix just made me look like an old-timey football player... Live and learn...

Sweater and necklace from Dots.

I love this sweater. It's cropped with scalloped edges, so it's very dainty and cute, and very comfortable. The necklace was an impulse buy, I used it for an outfit when dressing the mannequins at work, then loved it so much with the outfit that I bought it... It kind of looks like a squid... Just me? But I do like it, so it's a keeper.

Blouse from Dots.
 I bought a blouse with lace because I am secretly an 80 year old woman, and if I can't cover my house in doilies, why not wear them. :p But seriously, I love lace. This blouse is also cropped, because that's the new thing now, half shirts for the cost of full shirts... But it looks nice and I bought highwaisted pants to wear with it today, because I need excuses to buy things...

Fashionable sweatpants from Dots.
One thing about me is that I always fall for trends, but I never actually follow through with actually following them. I like to look from afar and dream of being able to pull them off. But I have finally fallen for a trend and actually bought it! I bought some of those new "Fashionable" sweatpants, that are sweatpants, but made from nicer fabric and worn with nice shoes and tops, and not ratty tee-shirts and sneakers. But lets be honest, they're still sweatpants. But I fell for it, and I love it! I wear them with solid colored blouses and flats and I look casual, but not "I don't care" casual. I love them. So much. Plus they feel like pajamas. Bonus!

Thanks for reading! To check out other hauls I've done click here.
-xo Brittany

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