Blue Butterfly Wing Nail Art

Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share some nail art I made using Zoya Liberty and NailzCraze stamping plates.

To create this look I applied Zoya Liberty as my base color, then used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and NailzCraze Stamping plate NC01 to create my butterfly wings. I wanted to tone down Liberty's texture, so I finished my design off with two coats of my Essie Matte About You Top Coat. (As I mentioned in my review of this polish, it is very thirsty, so it kept drying up my top coats. But Matte About You was thick enough that two coats achieved good coverage.)
I don't know if it was because of the gritty texture of Liberty, or I just need more stamping practice, but I just couldn't get the butterfly wing stamp to go on evenly! I finally had to give in and use a thin striping brush to fill in the gaps by hand. But even with that issue, I think it came out pretty nice! Plus, it was interesting to see Liberty smooth, instead of the texture it naturally has. The matte top coat gave it a really cool, glittery, dimensional look.

I've already made free-hand butterfly wings a long time ago, before I started my blog,  but it was fun to try it out using a stamper. I also love how much Zoya Liberty changed with a matte top coat. This polish is very versatile!

Thanks for reading! To check out other nail designs I've done click here.
-xo Brittany

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