Sally Hansen Sparks Fly Swatch & Review

Today I will be reviewing a polish I picked up at a Giant CVS I visited a while ago. The nail polish section was insane, it was like I fell into my own personal Heaven. Somehow I had a small amount of self control and walked out of the store with only one polish! I know, shocking! And what a polish it was. I knew Sally Hansen had a line called Triple Shine, but no polish really caught my eye until I saw Sally Hansen Triple Shine Sparks Fly. (Longest name ever...)

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Sparks Fly - $5 -Maybe, I can't remember.-
Sparks Fly is a thick, gel-like formula, with a mix of fine silver micro-glitters and larger silver hex glitters in a blue tinted base.

Sparks Fly close up.
The blue base is very faint, so application is sheer. It would look great as a light glitter overlay, but if you want full opacity, you will need to apply it over a base color.
The formula is a tad gooey, but the glitter is dense and easy to spread on the nail. Though like most larger glitters, the hex particles are a bit hard to fish out sometimes. To solve the issue I would drag the hex glitter out with the brush, then place it on my nails.

Sally Hansen Sparks Fly under lamp.

Sally Hansen Sparks Fly in natural light.
Sally Hansen Sparks Fly with flash.
I love how vibrant this polish is, without being too over the top. It is also very Wintery, and the larger hex glitters remind me of frost, or snowflakes. So much so that I included this polish in a recent Winter themed nail design I did!
For my swatches I applied three thick coats of Sparks Fly over a base of an oldy-but-goody from my collection, Sally Hansen Gray by Gray. I finished it off with a coat of Essie Super Duper Top Coat.

If your curious about Gray by Gray, well, Surprise! I have swatches of that polish too! Nothing like a two-for-one Swatch & Review.

Sally Hansen Gray by Gray - $8
Gray by Gray is a slightly matte blue/grey creme shade, and a veteran from my collection. I have had it for a long time, and it was one of my first ever Complete Salon Manicure polishes. Which are awesome shades that include a base coat, color, and top coat, all in one polish. Perfect for my lazy polish applying days. They also have lovely formulas, have very professional, awesome, domed brushes, and dry super fast.
I only needed two thin coats for my swatches. And even though this line doesn't need a top coat, I applied one out of habit because I'm weird...

Sally Hansen Gray by Gray under lamp.

Sally Hansen Gray by Gray with flash.
Sally Hansen Gray by Gray in natural light.

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-xo Brittany

What do you think of Sally Hansen Sparks Fly? Let me know in the comments!

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