My Very First Decor Post & Decor Haul

Hello all. Today started as a relatively normal day, I woke up -too- early, ate breakfast, then headed off to my beloved job. That's when it all turned wrong. I learned today that my store is closing soon... :(  So I will be losing the job I love so much. Not a great way to start the day!
To help me block out this unfortunate news, I thought I would do something positive, so I wanted to share with you my very first decor post! I've been wanting to do one for a while now, since unknown to you, I am not only obsessed with nail polish, I am also obsessed with decor, organizing, and decorating. And I have Pinterest boards to prove it.
One of my favorite bloggers ever, Makeup by Tiffany D, does a complete decor series on her blog, and I just love reading it so much, so I thought why not join the fun. I sadly do not own a gorgeous house like she does-Yet.-, but I do have a nice apartment that I've been wanting to redecorate for a very long time. Hopefully you readers out there like these posts, I know I am more of a nail blogger, but bear with me! I feel like this could be a fun addition to my normal nail and beauty posts. I would like to make this a regular feature on my blog, since I have a ton of inexpensive decorating and organizing ideas I plan on completing in the near future, and would love to share them with you.
So anyway, lets start with my first decor haul!

Ruffled throw pillow from Pier One.
I am a Pier One addict, I admit it. I recently went there to get some small accent pieces, and walked out with a lot more. -Oops!- Firstly I wanted a nice throw for this chair in the living room. I love the small arm pillows, but wanted something a bit bolder for the middle. I love this pillow! It fits perfectly in the center of the arm pillows, and looks great against the fabric of the chair. Because it's Pier One, it was a bit pricey, it cost around $30, but it was worth it, it's just so pretty.

coasters from Pier One.
I did buy one practical thing while I was at Pier One -Shocking!- , I needed coasters for my kitchen table. It's marble, so it's risky to place hot or cold beverages on it, so I picked up this adorable set. They're ceramic, and quite sturdy, and each one has a different famous location on it. I, of course, keep the Paris one on top, because I am a cliche of a girl, and love anything involving Paris, the Eiffel tower, or just France in general.

mercury glass lantern from Pier One.
Another purchase from Pier One. I wanted a centerpiece for the kitchen table that wasn't too big or small, and was having a tough time finding it. Because my table is on the smaller side, and round, everything I had just didn't look right. I love this new mercury glass trend, so when I saw this lantern I thought it would be a perfect fit and bought it on the spot. On the way home though I was a bit worried it would look too small and awkward on my table, but all my worrying was for naught, as it looks great. I even bought one of those fake battery operated candles for inside. At night it glows so nicely inside it.
(Don't mind my reflection in the glass! :p)

Throw pillow from Pier One.
One place I always go straight to, no matter what store I'm at, is the clearance section! While I was willing to pay $30 for one pillow once, I was not willing to pay it for two more pillows for my couch. Luckily Pier One had a giant clearance bin full of throw pillows! Luckily none worked for the chair, so my $30 purchase was not in vain, but they did have some cute options for my couch. I picked up this nice cream and gold beaded pillow for very little. It's slightly damaged, but luckily you can't tell from the front. I like it because it lightens up my couches dark fabric.
The green pillows actually came with the couch, and are a lot nicer and lighter in person.

Throw pillow from Pier One.
For the other side of the couch I bought this pretty pillow, also from the clearance bin. I wanted to add a bit more color, and liked that the gold accents still tied it together with the cream pillow.

Eiffel tower candle holder and small tray from Pier One.
Another clearance find is this gorgeous tea light candle holder I found for only $20! I paired it with this cute glass Eiffel tower tray I also picked up at Pier one, along with a book and one of my mini Bath & Body Works candles on a side table in my living room. The little glass domed bird cage is actually from my mother, and I have no clue where she got it.
(BTW, I swear I'm nice to my furniture! This table is vintage, so it's meant to have some wear and tear.)

Eiffel tower glass box from Pier One.
Yet another Eiffel tower find! I found this cute little glass box with canvas lining, and paired it with a stack of little books, and the vintage boxes I mentioned in this post. I was going to put something in it, but I like having the Eiffel tower print visible.

Hanging rack from Pier One.
My last purchase from Pier One -I Swear!- was this beautiful rack I got on clearance for only $12! I plan on making a chalkboard wall in my kitchen on a small wall next to my front door, and hanging this below it for coats, purses, etc.

Large basket from A.C.Moore.
Sorry if this post is getting long, I just have so much to share! :p
I bought this basket for my mom's dog Callie, to keep her countless toys in when she's not visiting, at A.C.Moore. It was on sale for only $5! The tag said $30, so I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I keep it next to the small fireplace in the living room, giving her easy access to play to her hearts content.

Vases from Bob's Furniture.
Another clearance find, this time from a surprising place. I went to a furniture store called Bob's Furniture, to, you guessed it, order furniture, and found their clearance department! I didn't even know they had one! It's hidden away, but I managed to find this set of yellow vases that my mom was sweet enough to buy for me as a gift. They are currently on a cabinet in my living room, as I am not sure where their official place is yet.

And finally, because this post has to end sometime, I wanted to share some rugs I picked up at a local discount store. Firstly, I wanted a rug for under my kitchen table. I was worried how a rectangular rug would look under a round table, but this one worked out great. Bonus points for only costing $30. My kitchen is also getting painted a warm light beige, so this rug will look nice with it. I also bought a runner for my pantry, but that room looks terrible currently, and I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of it until it is completed. :p

And lastly, my favorite item in the whole apartment, my living room rug. I also bought this at the same discount store, and it cost me around $150, but for such a large rug, it was a pretty good deal. Plus the flowers are just gorgeous. My eldest cat has started sharpening his claws on it though, so I am a bit worried on how it will fare over time.
(Sorry about the dusty floors! I must polish them soon!)

Well that's it for my first decor post and haul! I hoped you found it interesting, and would like to see more decor posts in the future, as I can't wait to write more! If you enjoyed this post let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!
-xo Brittany

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