My Daily Makeup Routine & Beauty Staples

While I am writing this I am in the process of downloading all of the crap from my old iphone into a new one, because my iphone 4 has decided that making and receiving phone calls just isn't something it wants to do anymore! And while I know phones do so much more nowadays, making phone calls is still an important factor, so I had to replace it with a shiny new iphone 4s. My brother wanted me to buy the new gold iphone, but I need food, electricity, and stuff... So I moved up one, and now I can annoy Siri whenever I choose!
But while I wait the sixteen hours for my new phone to update, I thought I would show you my daily makeup routine! I've seen many bloggers do this post, so I thought I would jump on the band wagon and do one myself, and at the same time, show you what beauty products I basically can't live without.

OK, while taking these pictures, I realized this looks like a lot of makeup, but I swear I'm not that vain! I wear only a couple of these products on non-work days, but during the week I like to look presentable, and these are the products I use to make me look less like a zombie.
(Bonus, I finally broke out the weird, glittery, wicker, tumbleweed things I bought during my Pier One Haul to make my pictures all fancy!)

Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker bronzer & Pond's BB+ Cream.
Physicians Formula Highlighting Powder, Almay Eye Shadow Trio, Milani Blush, Covergirl & Olay Concealer, & Blistex Revive Lip Balm.
After I wash my face, moisturize, and apply my NYC primer that somehow I forgot to take a picture of, I apply Pond's BB+ Cream with my fingers to even out my skin tone. I love this BB cream! I got it free in the mail, and now I am so obsessed that when I run out I plan on stock piling them so I never run out again! I plan on making a more in depth review, but basically it is super soft and hydrating, and gives medium coverage without looking overdone. I apply about a dime sized amount, and that covers my whole face, so one bottle lasts for a long time.
To hide my constant under eye circles -Thanks genetics!- I use Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer in shade 230. Again, another product I got free in the mail a long time ago. I know I don't really need an age defying product right now, but again, it was free! It works very well, I apply it with my fingers, and it blends into my skin nicely. When it finally runs out I will most likely buy a similar Covergirl concealer, I'll probably just skip the Olay tie in.
To hide any shine, and give my skin a little highlight, I use Physicians Formula Highlighting Powder, and I actually apply this with a brush -Shocking! :p-. I've been using this product for years! I just bought this one, as I managed to use every bit of my last one, which doesn't happen to me very often with makeup. I like to use it as a setting powder, and it also gives my skin a nice dewy highlight, so I like to apply a little extra to my cheek bones and the bridge of my nose.
Because I am paler than a ghost, I use Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Bronzer to make me look like I belong in the land of the living. I don't know how it "matches" my pH, but it is a nice shade, and it isn't a complete glitter bomb, so I like it. Plus, it comes with a built in light! I don't use it, but it's still cool... -I'm a sucker for gimmicks...- It also comes with a nice fan brush, so I use that to apply it under my cheek bones, and to the sides of my nose to contour.
Another trick to make me look alive, blush! I use Milani Blush in shade #204 Sweet Rose, and I apply it with the included fan brush, to the apples of my cheeks.
The empty looking eyeshadow in the back is actually my highlighter! It is an Almay Eyeshadow Trio, and while I hate the other two colors in the trio, the highlighter is amazing. Sadly it is almost gone! I use it to highlight under and above my brows, the inner corner of my eyes, and my cupids bow.
Because I prefer subtlety (Read: I'm boring!) I like to leave my lips bare. So I use Blistex Revive Lip Balm to hydrate my lips. I would like to wear lipstick on a daily basis, but I have this constant fear of having lipstick on my teeth and no one telling me, so to give me peace of mind, I just wear lip balm.
Ulta brand brushes.
I own an array of brushes, yet I only use three daily. I bought these brushes during an awesome after Christmas sale at Ulta, and I love them! They don't shed, and hold a good amount of product. They are also my first set of big girl brushes! I have been guilty in the past of buying my brushes at my drugstore, and would just end up with little synthetic hairs all over my vanity and face, so I figured it was time to invest in some well crafted brushes. I use the gold powder brush to apply my setting powder, the smaller powder brush to blend my bronzer and blush, and the little one to apply my highlighter.

Physicians Formula Liquid Liner Pen, Physicians Formula Liquid Liner pot, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, NYC Eyeliner Duo, Eyelash curler.
Now for my eyes! I prefer to keep my eyes the focal point, so I usually focus on them when I apply my makeup in the morning.
I have two liquid liners to create my daily cat eye look, that may seem weird, but each one decides to dry out at random intervals, so I like to go back and forth between them. I prefer the liquid liner pen, it's way more precise, but it frequently decides to stop working in the middle of an application!
I hate putting liquid liner on my lower lash line, it either feels uncomfortable, or it runs and I end up looking like a raccoon. So I use my NYC Eyeliner Pencil in black on my lower lash line.
I just recently hopped aboard the "filling in my brows" train, and now I don't know how I lived without it! My brows look so bare makeup free! I use the other end of my NYC liner, which is a chocolate-y brown, to softly fill in my brows. I then use a Maybelline brow gel to blend the lines, but it is all brown and gross looking from my brow pencil, so I didn't photograph it.
I finish my makeup by curling my lashes, then applying a couple coats of Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, which is by far my favorite mascara ever. Very rarely will I stray from it, and when I do, I usually regret it.

Thanks for reading! If you would like a more detailed review of any of the products I use, let me know in the comments!
-xo Brittany

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