KBShimmer Oh Splat! Swatch & Review

I came home from work today and basically ran straight to my computer so I could swatch and share with you this polish I have had on my wishlist since I started this blog! The polish I am referring to is KBShimmer Oh Splat!. I first saw it on, I think it was Let Them Have Polish, one of the first nail/beauty blogs I ever followed by the way. And it has been on my wishlist ever since. It took me this long to buy it because I would either forget about it -Short attention span!- or I would spend all my nail polish budget, then remember it! While it is only $12, for a nail polish it is a bit pricier, so I would also feel guilty buying it. But I finally got over it and bought it on Amazon a couple weeks ago! Yay!

KBShimmer Oh Splat! - $12

KBShimmer Oh Splat! is a crelly, cream colored shade, with rainbow micro glitter, and rainbow hex glitter. I love that it looks like that confetti cake frosting you can get at the grocery store.

KBShimmer Oh Splat! under lamp.
The first and second coats are a bit streaky, but a lot less than I would expect from such a light colored polish. The glitter is very pliable, and I like how the milky base covers the previous coats glitter, creating a nice sense of depth. The hex glitter is a little harder to work with, it's harder to get on the nail, but not annoyingly so. I would just manipulate the hex particles with the brush to set them where I wanted on my nail.
I achieved nice opacity after four coats. I then finished it off with my Essie Super Duper Top Coat.

KBShimmer Oh Splat! with flash.
This polish reminds me of a strawberry Poptart! Basically, I wanted this polish because it's cute, and it reminds me of many sugary sweets I want right now...
I love this polish! And even though I usually dislike rainbow glitter, I love the look of it here.
Like I've mentioned, I have wanted this polish for a long time, and it is just as adorable as I thought it would be, and I want to wear it everyday! Taking it off after these swatches was painful! But sadly, I must review other shades, before this blog becomes an Oh Splat! fan page...

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xo - Brittany

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