Butter London Scoundrel Dupe

I noticed That I haven't done a nail polish dupe post in ages, so I decided to break out one of my more pricey polishes from my collection, and see if I could find a similar, less expensive duplicate. For this post I picked Butter London Scoundrel as my pricey polish. I don't have many overly expensive polishes, but at $15 a bottle, this is one of my most costly polishes in my collection. For my dupe, I dug through my polish stash and came upon Confetti Belle of the Ball, a drugstore polish that runs for about $1. It is not the closest match, but it is very similar, and I think it might be a good knock off.

For my swatches, I marked my nails painted with scoundrel with SC and my Belle of the Ball painted nails with BOTB.

Butter London Scoundrel - $15
Scoundrel is a darker, dusty violet creme shade, that dries into a velvety matte finish. It is on the thicker side, so it really only needs two coats to get nice opacity, but since it can be slightly streaky, I usually apply three for perfect coverage. It's a very nice, smooth polish, and I like how it looks on my nails. It also dries relatively fast, which works for me since I am terribly impatient.

Confetti Belle of the Ball - $1
Belle of the Ball is a lighter violet creme shade, that looks even lighter in pictures. It also dries to a velvety matte finish. It is a bit more watery, so three coats were needed to get similar coverage to Scoundrel. I think this shade is very cute, and applies well for a $1 polish. It is a lot darker in person, and much more similar to Scoundrel than in pictures.

Now for more swatches!

I finished both polishes with a coat of my Essie Super Duper Top Coat.

While I know that Belle of the Ball is not a perfect match, Scoundrel is not that unique a polish, so if you are looking for a violet based purple polish and don't want to shell out $15, I think Belle of the Ball is actually a pretty good alternative for only $1! Also, if like me, you use most of your polish collection for nail art, you wont feel too bad using it, unlike Scoundrel, which I don't use very often for nail art just because of the cost of replacing it. Formula wise, of course being higher end, Scoundrel wins, but Belle of the Ball isn't that far behind. It is a lot creamier than I thought, and while it is a tad streaky, an extra coat solves that problem.

I think that if you would prefer a two-coater, a better formula, and are willing to pay for it, than scoundrel is perfect. But if you're just looking for a violet polish to add to your collection, and want a smaller price tag, I would go with it's lower priced counterpart.
Since I don't buy Butter London polishes too often, -Even though they are one of my favorite brands, the price sends me into Scrooge Mcduck mode.-, and like I said, Scoundrel is not a very unique shade, I think Belle of the Ball is a nice replacement for when Scoundrel finally kicks the bucket.

Thanks for reading! To check out another Butter London dupe & comparison I've done click here.
-xo Brittany

Which polish would you choose? Let me know in the comments!

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