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Eyeshadows Part. 4

Hello again! I know I normally don't post two days in a row, but bear with me, I have my drivers test tomorrow, -I am beyond nervous by the way! My major goal is just not to throw up on the guy!- and I didn't know if I would have time to write this post.
I know it's weird to be taking my drivers test so late in life, but I just got my very first car earlier this year, so I am a bit behind the times. But better late than never!

Anyway, today I will be swatching the last two rows of powder eyeshadow in my Ulta Blockbuster Beauty Box. The final shades include a row of cool toned, brown based greens, and another row of brown based neutrals. I don't know if they had run out of shade ideas and needed a filler, -Hence having three rows of neutrals.- or they just really appreciate a good nude eyeshadow. Either way, I don't mind too much, though I think the lighter neutrals can be a bit chalky.

Swatches under lamp.
First up is Rags to Riches: A forest green shimmer in the pan, that turns into a muddy, glittery mess on my skin. This has to be the most misleading shade in the whole box. It looks so attractive in the pan, it's hard to believe how much it changes once on my skin.
Willow: A matte version of Rags to Riches, that unlike it's counterpart, actually looks the same on my skin as it does in the pan!
Khaki: Khaki sticks out like a sore thumb in this row, it just has a completely different tone to it than the other shades. It is a deep brown matte shade that does have a green cast to it, but it still seems out of place. Though I do think it would look nice paired with verdigris, if just for the contrast.
Verdigris: My favorite shadow, this is a shimmery, emerald green shade that applies smoothly, and leaves a nice glossy sheen.  
Ivy League: Another favorite. A matte pea green color. It has great opacity, and I could see myself pairing it with Sage for a Poison Ivy-like eye look.
Sage: A cute, matte, pastel green, that would work as a soft lid shade, or as a highlight color in a green themed smokey eye.

Swatches with flash.
Swatches on paper.

Swatches under lamp.
Next is the final row of neutrals, starting with Silk: A champagne colored shimmer explosion, that basically turned into dry cake batter when swatched. This was a cakey mess! I don't think I could even wear it. This shade would take a lot of blending to make it smooth. That was disappointing to discover, because the champagne color is just gorgeous.
Truffle: Besides having the cutest name ever, Truffle is a lovely cool toned taupe shade in the pan, that turns into a beautiful, glossy, light caramel color on my skin. This is my favorite out of all the neutrals in this row.
Toast: A slightly shimmery toffee shade, that darkens once on my skin. It also turns very glossy. The name is really fitting, it does look like burnt toast! I quite like it though, it would look great blended out over my lids, with a bold cat eye. 
Trendsetter: A tad narcissistic, but a nice shade nonetheless. It is a dusty mid-tone brown shade in the pan, that magically turns into a glossy dark gold color on my skin.
Gold Dust: My least favorite. A violet based dark brown shimmer in the pan, that just turns black on my skin. Gold Dust?... Really?...
Mink: A deep chocolate brown shade with the tiniest amount of shimmer that vanishes once on my skin. It was on the chalky side, but it is still a pretty good shade.

Swatches with flash.
Swatches on paper.

Final Thoughts:
I was honestly bored of neutrals once I reached this final row, so I wasn't that excited to swatch them. Truffle did make up for it though, that shadow is really nice.
I love the row of greens. I am partial to green shadow, as I like it with my hazel eye color. I also like that they didn't go too crazy with them, all the shades are very soft and muted, which I prefer, because I could wear them during the day without looking like I just got back from an all night rave. -Because I go to so many raves! (Sarcasm)-.
My favorites from this swatch would have to be Truffle, Trendsetter, Ivy League, Sage, and Verdigris.

Thanks for reading! To check out parts 1-3 click here.
-xo Brittany

Which eyeshadow was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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