A Month in Mani's

A look back at all my manicure looks for January 2014

I thought I would use this snowy afternoon to recap all of my nail looks for January 2014, in my monthly segment: A Month in Mani's. I feel like January was quite light, I didn't get to do as many manicures as I wanted, or put as many extra looks as I wanted on Instagram, but then there's always next month! 

Wet N Wild Drawn Together by Force & I Won't Repel You.
First up was a mixed manicure I made while testing out magnetic polish for the first time. I used two coats of Wet n Wild's Drawn Together by Force (Green.) and I Won't Repel You (Copper.), followed by a coat of my old Revlon top coat.

Wet n Wild No-Gas, Electrically Charged.
Also from my magnetic polish experiment. I applied two coats of Wet n Wild's No-Gas, Electrically Charged, followed by a coat of my old Revlon top coat.

Teal glitter Gradient.
My first design in January was actually my first ever glitter gradient! I had bought two Milani polishes at my local drugstore, and when I got home I realized how cute they would look in a design together. -I wish I could say I planned it, but it was a happy accident.- 
For this design I applied two coats Milani Quick Teal, then applied a drop of Milani Pink Flare to my cuticles, thoroughly cleaned off the brush, then dragged the polish down my nail towards my free-edge. I finished the look off with a coat of my Essie Super Duper Top Coat.

Revlon Parfumerie Wintermint.
This manicure was made using one of Revlon's new scented polishes from their new Parfumerie line. This shade is called Wintermint, and I applied four coats of it to my nails, followed by my Essie Super Duper Top Coat.

Revlon by Marchesa Nail Appliques.
I made this pretty teal and damask design using Revlon by Marchesa Nail Appliques in pattern 24k Brocade.

From my Instagram.
And finally, an extra manicure from my Instagram. I used Revlon Parfumerie Fresh Linen (Full swatches and review coming soon!) as my base, then Milani Carnival as an overlay, followed by a coat of Essie Matte About You top coat.

From Instagram: 

Thanks for reading! To check out my December 2013 manicure round up click here.
-xo Brittany

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