Wet n Wild Magnetic Polish Swatch & Review

Even though my previous post was only three days ago, it feels like I haven't been on this blog in a month. I think that is because an hour after my last post, something happened that has changed my and my family's lives forever, and I still have not been able to wrap my head around it...
I honestly was not going to even write this today, but I love this blog, and frankly, writing it gives me this sense of normalcy that I really need right now. Sorry if I sound so cryptic! I just really don't want to talk about it yet, I will in the future, but for now, I like that I can continue to get lost in polish and beauty here at I Heart Nail Art, and forget the rest...

So anyway! Before the Christmas season I picked up this polish set at my local CVS. I was there for more practical things, like shampoo and cleanser. But the pull was too strong and I couldn't pass up this cute little set. Plus, even though the magnetic trend has gone by the way side, I never got to try it! The price tag was just too steep for me just for one polish, especially since a lot of people would complain that the magnets wouldn't work. But at only $6 for three, how could I not get it!

Wet n Wild Drawn Together by Force & I Won't Repel You.
The set includes three different shades, each with their own built in magnet in the cap.
The first two I have to show you are Drawn Together by Force (Green.) and I Won't Repel You (Copper.). Though the names are god awful, the shades themselves are quite good.

Drawn Together by Force is a shimmery, metallic, forest green, creme formula. I used two thick coats on bare nails, followed by my old Revlon Quick Dry top coat. The color also has a slight holo-shimmer of light green and silver, which is really nice to look at. The coverage for this color was really good, no streaking, and I frankly could have gone with one coat, but I needed the second for the magnet. I was very surprised, at the price I got this set for, I was expecting spotty coverage at best, and broken magnets.

I Won't Repel You, again, who wrote these names! -Bleh.- Is a metallic, shimmery, copper, creme formula. It also has a holo-shimmer of gold and silver. I applied two coats onto bare nails, then finished it off with a coat of my top coat. I don't have many copper shades in my collection, so I was quite happy to buy this color. I really loved the way it looked on my nails, even before I used the magnet!

Under lamp.

In sunlight.
Wet n Wild No-Gas, Electrically Charged.
The final polish in the collection is No-Gas, Electrically Charged, a ridiculously named shimmery, metallic, charcoal, creme formula. It is also a holo-shimmer, with shades of light grey, and an almost green color. I used two coats over bare nails, and finished it with a coat of my Revlon top coat. I like this color, I like that it isn't all black, it's a dark tar color. Who would've thought I would like the color of tar, but I do!

Under lamp.

With flash.
To create the magnetic effect, all I had to do was apply one coat of the color, then apply a thick second coat after the first coat had dried fully.
Before the second coat had a chance to dry, I put the magnet right up against the nail for around 20 seconds.
While the box said to leave the magnet for only 10 seconds, I left it for 20 to make sure it actually worked.
The magnet included is an oval shape, so it took two tries to get the look pictured. I found that turning the magnet sideways created a candy cane stripe effect, while holding it straight created a slightly boring vertical stripe effect.
Though it did take two tries to get used to using the magnet, I really like the effect. I know the magnet fad is over, but I think it looks really interesting. And I even got a few compliments on it!
The green shade was perfect for the Holidays, since it had the look of a candy cane.

In case, like me, anyone was curious on what these polishes look like before the magnet, here is a swatch of all three:

Obviously, they're not as holographic, but there is still a nice shimmer that makes them worthwhile polishes, even without the magnetic gimmick.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised, not only by how well the magnet actually worked, but also at how nice the shades and formulas were for such an inexpensive set of polishes. I just hate their names!

Thank you so much for reading, I'm so happy I started this blog, especially now. My life feels normal in this moment of writing, which is a blessing right now.
- xo Brittany

What do you think of magnetic polish? Do you like it? Or do you think it is just a fad? Let me know in the comments!

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