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I saw this tag on Brittani Louise Taylor's Youtube channel, and while I feel the name is slightly suggestive, it is a cute tag, and perfect for this slow Wednesday afternoon. The only question that was a pain was finding out what my first ever Tweet was. I didn't realize just how much I actually Tweet! But I went through them all and found it for you! So let's get started.

First Tweet?
As I mentioned, I dug through my stockpile of tweets and actually managed to find it! Not that it is very interesting. I started my Twitter account when I was an Avon rep, so they were all shameless self promotion! My first tweet was "Shop my AVON Store!". So deep right? But while I broke ties with Avon, I got hooked on Twitter, so I kept it! And now it is the account you may know now, full of randomness,  Instagram pictures, blog updates, manicures, and retweets of contests I never win... 
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First Youtube Video You've Ever Watched?
This was hard to remember! I just recently got into Youtube, and now I am obsessed. I just can't go without watching It's Grace, BLT, Pewdiepie, Swoozie, Jenna Marbles, YDAD, the list goes on and on! But I believe my first ever video was actually a Jenna Marbles video. I read about her in an article, and then decided to watch a video... And the rest is history! So frankly it's her fault I can't go a day without checking Youtube, and why I always run out of battery life after going on a Pewdiepie marathon! -Worth it!- I think it was the video where she shows what's in her purse, but I'm not sure...

First Facebook pic?
That's easy, I don't have one! I've never had a Facebook. And I'm fine with that.

Do you still talk to your first love?
Wow! this got personal quick! I am not one for sentimentality, or expressing those sort of feelings, and I really don't think I've been in love, yet, so I don't have an answer to this question...Sorry!

What was your first alcoholic drink?
I don't drink! I know, I'm so boring! I've just never had an interest in it. Though Baileys does look delicious... But I think that's just because it looks like coffee. Yum.

First job?
My first job is actually the one I have now! I work at a clothing store called Dot's, and I absolutely love it there.

First car?
It is, again, the one I have now. It is a Dodge Neon given to me by my cousin. While I didn't have to buy it, I did have to repair it! She wasn't very good at that, or cleaning it for that matter! But now it is in great shape, and clean.

First person to text you today?
I don't have texting... I'm so behind the times!

First person you thought about today?
That would be the only person I think of everyday lately, my father. Who, sadly, past away. I will miss him everyday of my life...

Who was your first grade teacher?
I have too bad a memory for this! I don't remember her name, but I know she was super nice, and made me feel better when I was nervous on my first day of school, which was also my first day at that school, because my family had just moved there, so I knew no one.

Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?
I think it was to visit family when I lived in Florida, so from Florida to Massachusetts. Thrilling I know!

First best friend? Do you still talk?
I think -Again, bad memory.- my first best friend was a girl named Robin. We both shared an obsession with Polly Pockets. And no, sadly I haven't seen or heard from her since we were both small children.

First Sleep Over?
My cousin's house. And I freaked out, so my parents had to come and get me in the middle of the night... So that didn't go well!

First thing you did this morning?
Went back to sleep when I remembered it was my day off from work...

First concert ever gone to?
I've never been to one... Man, this Tag really shows what a dork I am! :p Though I would love to go see Imagine Dragons, they are one of my favorite bands, and are supposed to be amazing live.

First broken bone?
I, luckily, have never broken a bone. I did almost break one of my pinkie toes once. Dramatic, I know...

First Piercing?
My ears. What else could I get at 13? I don't think my parents would have consented to anything else. When I was in my teens I really wanted a lip piercing, but my mother almost had an aneurysm, so that was out!

First foreign country gone to?
Sadly I've never been out of the states! I may get a chance to go to Scotland in the summer though. But if I could go anywhere, I would love to go to Japan! That would be amazing.

First movie you remember seeing?
I don't remember the name, but I remember it was either a bad Disney movie, or a bad Disney knock-off, and it scared me so much! I don't know why, but the "bad" characters creeped me out so badly that I couldn't even finish the movie.

First Detention?
One, I am shy and a total nerd, so no rebel behavior here. And two, I was home schooled since the second grade. So I sadly have no Breakfast Club-like awesome detention story to tell...

First Roommate?
My first roommate was in art school at The Art Institute of Boston. She was nice, and we got along pretty well, but she was always with the most annoying, mean, pretentious girl ever! And would act differently around her, So we didn't really become best friends or anything.

First sport involved in?
Ha! Not this pale, frail, butterfingers! While I liked soccer from afar, I was never one for sports. The whole "sunlight" and "outdoors" thing just wasn't for me. I was more interested in books. And still am...

First thing you do when you get home?
I change into my pj's, get a cup of coffee, and either write on this blog, take blog pictures, read, or watch a movie. -Such a party girl!- Yesterday's activity after work was drinking a cup of coffee, and watching Breakfast at Tiffany's

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