Revlon by Marchesa 24k Brocade Review

In Bloglovin' news, I emailed them about the issue I mentioned in my last post, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a very prompt email from them, letting me know that they are having technical issues with followers, but are sorting it out, and are sorry for any inconvenience caused. Normally companies take FOREVER to respond, if they do at all, so it was nice to get a response in such a short amount of time! This is why I like Bloglovin'. So if you're having issues too, know they are working on it.

In nail news, today I have a design for you, though not of my own creation. During my most recent trip to Ulta I picked up a package of Revlon by Marchesa Nail Appliques in pattern 24k Brocade. I was so excited to find them, -Since I couldn't find them anywhere before then.-, and was even more excited to share them with you. Though my high expectations did falter a bit...

Even though it was a very hard decision, and I would have much rather walked out of Ulta with every single pattern, - Though my wallet wouldn't have appreciated it!- I chose 24k Brocade, a teal base with metallic gold damask detailing.

Like most nail applique sets, this one comes with 18 appliques of varying sizes. This set also comes with a weird little spatula thing that I didn't get the point of, and a terrible mini file.
After sizing my nails, I gently buffed them, then cleaned them with some rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt and oil. -Nail polish remover can leave residue.- After that I began the annoying process of applying the appliques.  I first applied them just past my cuticle, then tried to gently smooth them onto the rest of my nails. Then I used the tiny file to buff the remaining applique from my free-edges.
Based on the promises listed on the box, I was hoping for an easy application. Wrong... No matter how gently, or slowly, I applied them, I could not get the appliques to lay flat! They just continued to pucker and bend around the surface of my nails. They also would not stay where I put them! within minutes there was lifting and curling around my cuticles and free-edges.
The box states that these appliques have "UV cured technology that's made to last." I don't know what that means, but I do know that within the very first day of wearing them I already had a chip, and two other nails already had rips and tears!
But I have to admit I am still a sucker for the pattern, and at a distance my nails looked gorgeous.

Sorry, I got a bit picture happy.
I have short, curved nails, so maybe these are better suited for people with long, flat, square nails. Either way, I was disappointed with the application process. Though I was thrilled with the pattern and color. But sadly that cannot make up for the poor application and staying power.
On a more pleasant note, I will say that the pattern itself was very vibrant and pretty, and I did receive many compliments on it. And while the applique itself did chip and split, the pattern never faded.

I still have extra pieces left, so I may try to get my money's worth and use them in some fashion, maybe as an accent nail in a design or something.
I have not given up on nail appliques! I have heard of plenty that have received great reviews from other bloggers, Including the Sally Hansen line. So I may have to give them a try. Though I think I will have to take a pass on the rest of this collection. As a total perfectionist, not being able to get them to lay flat and smooth just makes me crazy, no matter how nice the pattern may be!

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-xo Brittany

Have you tried this line of nail appliques? What did you think? Would you recommend the line from Sally Hansen? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I am not.. let's say skilled... when it comes to anything related to my nails! I am in LOVE with that pattern, but I know I would never be able to get a nice application!

    1. Don't worry, I couldn't get a nice application either, no matter how careful I was. The appliques are just too inflexible. It's too bad, because the patterns are gorgeous!


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