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Eyeshadows Part.2

As I mentioned in Eyeshadows Part.1, I bought this huge box of makeup on a whim, and knowing myself, I know I will probably only use a quarter of it. So I decided to create a swatching series about this wonderful box, and hopefully it will inspire me to branch out and not be as boring! Plus, as I usually only swatch nail polish, it is nice to talk about another love of mine, makeup!

Today, I will be swatching the row of cool, blue based shadows, and the row of violet based shadows.
Both rows were the ones I was most excited to swatch. I usually stick to subtle shades, but both of these rows are so bold and pretty, I was curious how they would actually look once they were on my skin. Sadly, no matter how much I love the set of violet based shadows, I will never get to wear them! Weirdly enough, I am allergic to any product that contains purple pigments in it. My skin turns red and my eyes swell. Which is sad, because I really do love purple eyeshadow...

Swatches under lamp.
Dark Sea: A charcoal grey shade with flecks of blue glitter. Sadly once out of the pan, it just registers as a brown based grey shade, with no glitter. The formula was nice though, it wasn't chalky, and covered nicely.
Sapphire: A dusty grey shadow, also with flecks of bright blue glitter. I think it would look nice as a contour color for a blue smokey eye. It is pretty true to the pan once on my skin, though the glitter is way more subdued.
Cobalt: A shimmery bright blue shade that normally I would run and hide from. But even I have to admit that it is really pretty. I just don't know if I could pull it off. Cobalt is on the chalky side, but it covers well, and almost looks exactly like it does in the pan. 
Seaside: My favorite. It is a dusty periwinkle blue, with a light shimmer. It has a really good formula, and has a nice glossy finish on my skin. I'm surprised that I like it! It's just so vibrant.
Peacock: A metallic grey shadow with silver shimmer. Like Seaside it applies very glossy, and has a nice formula. It would look great in a smokey eye, or even by itself with a nice cat eye. I don't get the name, I've never seen a grey peacock... But other than that I like it.
Moonbeam: Reminds me of Bone from my last set of swatches. It is a shimmery ivory colored shadow that is very chalky, and looks pure white on my skin. It would be a nice highlight shade though, if you could get past the chalkiness.

Swatches with flash.
Swatches on paper.
Even on a blank surface Dark Sea loses the lovely shimmer it has in the pan! Other than that the other shades are pretty true. Which is awesome and surprising at the same time.

Swatches under lamp.
Bloom: A dusty purple based pink shade, that turns even more pink once on my skin. It has a nice slightly glossy finish.
Zephyr: One of my favorites. It is a soft, shimmery, purple shade, that has a glossy finish like Bloom. If only I could wear purple!
Electric Lights: Yes, I know the swatch just says Lights, but apparently I wasn't fully awake when I edited these pictures. It's actually called Electric Lights. It is a matte violet shadow that gets a blue tone once on my skin.
Wisteria Lane: A matte violet shade with a brown undertone. Though it turns into a darker purple color on my skin. It's nice that they included a few matte shades, since the rest of the box is like a sea of shimmer.
Plum Noir: Love the name, it makes me think of that videogame LA Noir. It is a dark violet shade with a hint of shimmer. Sadly it turns into the color of mud once on my skin...
Eggplant: A lighter maroon with a bit of shimmer, that turns into a darker bruise color on my skin. Also a bit chalky.

Swatches with flash.
Swatches on paper.
Eggplant reads a lot more brown than it does in the pan, which is slightly disappointing. But I think Electric lights is spot on. I just wish Bloom looked like this on my skin. It looks like a lovely lilac shade here, but on my skin it just looks pink.

Final Thoughts:
I am still impressed by the formulas! Usually makeup boxes are not as well made. I love the color palettes, and it was fun to test out such bold colors. I was also pleased that only a few were chalky. My favorite shadows would have to be Zephyr, Seaside, and Cobalt. I also like Plum Noir, but that may be a bias because of the name.

Thanks for reading! To check out Part.1 click here.
-xo Brittany

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