A Month in Mani's

A Look back at all my manicure looks for December 2013.

It's time for my last A Month in Mani's for 2013! I really like doing this recap -I hope you do too!- , so I think this is a series that I plan on keeping for 2014. Like always I will have links below each look, which will take you to it's corresponding post. I also will have manicures that I shared on Instagram. 
I actually did a lot more manicures than I thought in December! I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully I can do even more this month.

Hard Candy Sweet Tooth
My first manicure for December was this review of Hard Candy Sweet Tooth. This was the first time I had ever tried Hard Candy polish. I was not too thrilled by the formula, but I was pleased with the final look. I just love the multicolored round glitters. I used four coats of Sweet Tooth over a coat of white polish, then finished the look with a coat of my Revlon Quick Dry top coat.

O.P.I I Theodora You
This soft, pale pink polish is from the O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Collection. It was very thin, so I used five thick coats over a coat of white polish. Then finished it off with my Revlon Quick Dry top coat. While I hated the formula, I really like the look of this shade.

O.P.I Don't Burst My Bubble.
This nude/taupe polish is also from the Oz the Great and Powerful Collection, and a total pain to apply. I applied five thick coats over a coat of white polish. Then one coat of my Revlon top coat. This shade was a thin, streaky mess, and very disappointing. Though the name is adorable...

I'd love to stay, but I really mustache...
My first design of December was this super cute mustache design using Milani A Rose My Lady as my base, NYC Black Lace Creme for most of my mustaches, and Zoya Tomoko for my ring finger's mustache. For the mustaches I used a stencil set by Revlon that I stumbled upon at a local store -And bought for $1!-.

O.P.I Glints of Glinda
This nude/light tan shade is the third polish in the Oz the Great and Powerful Collection. As with the other two polishes in this collection, it is very thin, so I used five thick coats over a base of white polish, then my Revlon top coat.

O.P.I What Wizardry is This?
This green, holo-glitter shade is the final polish from the Oz the Great and Powerful Collection, and my favorite. It had much better coverage than the other three shades, so I only had to use four coats over a base of white polish. And again, my Revlon top coat.

Let it snow...
My final design of 2013 was this wintery snowflake theme using Sally Hansen Grey by Grey as my base color. Sinful Colors Snow Me White, and Milani Art of Silver for the snowflakes, stripes, and dots. And Sally Hansen Triple Shine Sparks Fly for the glittery accent nails. I finished the design off with a coat of my Essie Matte About You top coat on the stripes and snowflakes, and my Revlon top coat on the glitter polish.

From Instagram
I made this manicure using four coats of Maybelline Clearly Spotted over NYC Black Lace Creme, then two coats of Essie Matte About You top coat.
From Instagram:

From Instagram
I applied two coats of Wet n Wild I Won't Repel You and Drawn Together by Force, followed by my Revlon Quick Dry top coat.
From Instagram:

Thanks for reading! To check out November's manicure round up click here
I think my favorite look from December is a toss up between my manicure using Clearly Spotted from Instagram, and my Mustache nail art. I can't decide!
-xo Brittany

Which one was your favorite? What was your favorite manicure that you did in 2013? Let me know in the comments!

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