The Very Very Late Autumn Tag.

Yes, I know! This is very late. But this tag is really cute, and according to Google, Autumn doesn't end until December 20th, so technically this isn't late...
Anyway, I love Autumn, and I have been meaning to write this tag for weeks now, and I had free time today, so I figured why not! I guess you can call this the "Procrastinator's Autumn Tag".

Favorite Fall lip product?
During the Fall and Winter months my lips get really dry, so I've been using Blistex Revive & Restore lip balm. It comes in two separate jars that link together, one for day and one for night. It works amazingly well, and keeps my lips from getting chapped and dry.
Favorite Fall nail polish?
It's so hard to choose! I love them all! But if I have to, I pick my Zoya Tomoko (Swatches here). It is a gorgeous champagne glitter that for some reason just makes me think of the holidays.
Favorite Starbucks fall drink?
I don't really get Starbucks, I find it to be a bit expensive. But I do get Dunkin' Donuts on a daily basis, and currently I am hooked on the eggnog lattes. Dunkin' only sells them during the Fall and Winter, and they are soo good!
Favorite Fall Candle?
I don't have many candles, but I do have a red velvet cake candle on my vanity that frequently makes me quite hungry.
Favorite Fall scarf or accessory?
I own too many scarves for my own good, but I am currently obsessed with one I bought at work. It is black and white, with an almost tribal pattern, and it is super long and fluffy. I love it. I usually try to wrap it in different ways so I can wear it daily without looking like a crazy person...
Haunted house, hay ride, or corn maze?
None, I hate being scared. I get freaked out very easily, so I find no reason to spend money to get scared when I can scare myself for free by just going down to my creepy basement to get my laundry...
Favorite Halloween Movie?
Halloween... The original one. Yes cliche, but I like that movie.
Favorite Halloween Candy?
If it contains chocolate I will love it.
Favorite thing about Fall?
Obviously I must love Fall, I just did the tag in December. :p
My favorite thing about Fall, besides the weather, would have to be the fashion. I love sweaters, and boots, and scarves, and cute knit hats. I can't get enough. I also love that that I don't have to cover up my cute Fall fashion with coats, a nice sweater will do.

Thanks for reading my very very late Autumn Tag!
- xo Brittany

What's your favorite thing about Autumn? Have you done the Autumn Tag? Let me know in the comments!

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