O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Collection Swatch & Review Part. 2

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Hello again! Today I will be sharing swatches of the last two polishes from this O.P.I collection. If you read part one of this swatch and review, you'll know I wasn't that impressed with the first two polishes. While these last two did raise the bar, it wasn't by much.

L-R I Theodora You, Don't Burst My Bubble, Glints of Glinda, & What Wizardry is This?
O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Collection - From Amazon for $10
Today I will be reviewing Glints of Glinda, and What Wizardry is This. I will say that I love the names O.P.I chose, frankly more than I liked the collection itself.

First up is Glints of Glinda, which is a semi-matte creme polish in a nude/light tan shade. Similar to Don't Burst my Bubble, just darker. I used a base coat of white polish to help coverage, then finished the look with a coat of my Revlon Quick Dry top coat.

Glints of Glinda under lamp.

Glints of Glinda with flash.
Another thing this shade has in common with Don't Burst my Bubble is the fact that they are both very thin. I quite like this shade, more so than Don't Burst my Bubble. But frankly I have other polishes that are easier to work with, in identical shades. - Maybe I'll create a Dupe post on them! -
The formula is a bit watery, but covers better than the aforementioned Don't Burst my Bubble. But it is very streaky and annoying! I had to use over five thick coats just to get the minute coverage pictured. I think it would have taken over a dozen coats to make me happy with the results.

Saved the best for last! What Wizardry is This is a holographic glitter creme polish, is shades of green, gold, brown, and copper. - Not that you will be able to tell! In pictures the pretty holo-glitter turns into an unattractive shade of mud. - I also used a base coat of white polish for coverage, and finished the look off with a coat of my Revlon Quick Dry top coat.

What Wizardry is This under lamp.

What Wizardry is This with flash.
This is the polish that caught my eye the most out of this whole collection. I hoped when applying it that it would meet some of my expectations, low as they were, and it did! Sort of...
Not as thin as the other polishes, which is a plus. I also love the holo-glitter, and interesting color palette. I currently have nothing like this in my collection. I used to dislike holos, but now they are really growing on me.
Formula wise, The coverage is much better! No streaking, and pretty good coverage. I was able to use only four thick coats. An improvement from the previous three polishes.

All in all, I think the idea behind the collection was nice, and I really like the polish names. But the shades were too hard to work with, and frankly were too similar, and have been done before. I wish the collection was more colorful! When I think of the Wizard of Oz  - Even the Prequel, which this is based on. - I think of bright greens, reds, beautiful emerald glitters, etc. Not two basic nudes, a pastel pink, and a slightly dull holo-glitter. The only glimmer of hope was What Wizardry is This, with its better formula, and interesting look and color. That shade would be the only one I would repurchase once this mini collection is gone.

Thanks for reading! Sorry this post was on the negative side. I have plenty more polishes to swatch, so I'm sure the reviews will be more on the positive side... Hopefully. To check out my previous Swatch & Reviews click here.
- xo Brittany

What do you think of the O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Collection? Do you have a more favorable opinion? Let me know in the comments!

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