O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Collection Swatch & Review Part.1

Today I will be swatching the first two polishes from the Oz the Great and Powerful Collection from O.P.I. I mentioned buying this set in my recent Favorites post (here), and I have been dying to swatch it ever since.
I wish I could have swatched the whole set at once, but I didn't have the time. So I have broken the review into two parts. The second part will be up in the next couple of weeks.

O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Collection - $10
L-R I Theodora You, Don't Burst My Bubble, Glints of Glinda, & What Wizardry is This?
I picked up this mini collection on Amazon for only $10. That may seem like a lot for such little baby polishes, but if you price the full sized collection, $10 is not bad at all. Plus, they're so cute!
Today I will be swatching the first two polishes, I Theodora You, and Don't Burst My Bubble.

I Theodora You is a semi-matte, soft, pale pink pastel creme polish. I am not a big fan of pink, but this color is very cute and quite pretty. I applied it over a base of white polish for coverage.

I Theodora You under lamp.

I Theodora You with flash.
This polish is very sheer, it took about five thick coats to get the opacity pictured. But it applies smoothly, and has a nice formula, which is to be expected from O.P.I.
One thing I dislike about O.P.I though is that they don't label their mini bottles. So if you remove them from the packaging, you have no clue what the shade name is! That makes it difficult to recommend it, or repurchase it.
I know I bought the mini set, and paid much less than the large collection. But I was disappointed to discover that the brushes shed and leave little fibers in the polish, which I then have to fish out and subsequently smudge my most recent coat of polish.

Don't Burst My Bubble is a semi-matte, nude, almost taupe -Though you can't tell in photos-, shade of creme polish. I applied it over a coat of white polish for coverage. Both polishes were finished with a coat of Revlon Quick Dry top coat.
I quite like this shade. While I have other nude shades in my collection that I like a lot more, this color is still cute.

Don't Burst My Bubble under lamp.

Don't Burst My Bubble with flash.
Like I Theodora You, this polish is incredibly thin. The first coat was all but nonexistent. I applied five thick coats to get the opacity pictured.

Because of my love for my other recent O.P.I purchase (here), I was sad at how much I dislike the application of both of these shades.
There's two more polishes to review in this collection, including the one I'm most excited to swatch -  What Wizardry is This? - , so maybe they will be an improvement. Because right now, I am not impressed.

Thanks for reading! To check out my previous swatch & reviews, click here.
- xo Brittany

What do you think of this collection? Are you a fan of O.P.I? Let me know in the comments!

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