Hard Candy Sweet Tooth Swatch & Review

Today I have a new polish I bought during my recent Ulta haul (here) to review for you! I actually didn't buy this polish at Ulta, I bought it at the Walmart across the street while I was grocery shopping... But hey, polish is polish. And this one is super cute, and I couldn't pass it up.

Hard Candy Sweet Tooth - $4
Hard Candy Sweet Tooth is a creme-jelly semi-glossy formula, with a blueish lilac base, and pink, blue, and silver round metallic glitters.

One thing I was disappointed with was that at first look this polish looks like a jelly polish, and looks like it would almost have the appearance of cake frosting on the nail. However, what I got was some cute glitter, and a clear, thin, milky base, masquerading as a colored base.

I do love the metallic glitter though. The mix of pink, blue, and silver is pretty, and unique. The glitter was also pretty easy to work with. It didn't clump together, or stick to the brush.  The glitter was also pretty densely packed in the bottle, which made application even easier.

Hard Candy Sweet Tooth glitter close up.
For my application, I applied a coat of white polish as a base, because I had a feeling this polish was going to be a bit thin. And man, was I right. The first coat of Sweet Tooth was so sheer, you wouldn't have even known I applied it if it wasn't for the glitter. I ended up having to apply over four thick coats to bring out the lilac color, and get good coverage. After drying, I applied a coat of Revlon Quick Dry top coat.

Hard Candy Sweet Tooth under lamp.

Hard Candy Sweet Tooth with flash.
Hard Candy Sweet Tooth in natural light.
Sadly, the sun decided to hide on photo day, so I have no sunlight shots to show off how bright the metallic glitter is. But I will have a video on Instagram of the glitter in light by the time this post is up, so feel free to check that out. My Instagram link is on the right.

Overall, while the look does slightly remind me of frosting, and I like how the slight tint covers the previous coats, creating some depth, I wish the lilac tint was much more pronounced. I had to apply way more coats than I normally do, just to prevent bald spots and streaking.
While I am not crazy about the formula, and wish the overall shade was a bit bolder, I love the pastel color, the interesting metallic glitter, and the end result.

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- xo Brittany

What do you think of Hard Candy Sweet Tooth? Would you add it to your polish collection? Let me know in the comments!

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