A Month in Mani's

A monthly round up of all my manicure looks: November 2013

It's that time again! I was a bit disappointed by how little I was able to paint my nails in November. It was kind of a hectic month, and I had so many ideas, and so little time. Hopefully this month I'll be able to accomplish more. 

My first design for November was my Wizard of Oz inspired skittle manicure. This was so much fun to make. I used quite a few polishes, but the main ones were Wet N Wild The Crown Jewel, Sally Hansen Lightening, Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Peach Fuzz, Milani Red Sparkle, and Sinful Colors Out of This World. The design was finished with a coat of Revlon Quick Dry top coat.

My first Swatch & Review for November was this gorgeous Zoya polish called Tomoko. I used four coats of Tomoko over a coat of white polish, then topped it off with a coat of Revlon Quick Dry top coat.

This look was made with three coats of O.P.I Alcatraz... Rocks and no top coat. Though if you follow my link below to the original post, I did apply my Revlon top coat for the last picture, to show how it effects the texture.

And lastly, I showed just how nerdy I am when I created this Harry Potter inspired skittle manicure using Sinful Colors Out of This World, Revlon Spanish Moss, NYC Sidewalkers, Pure Ice French Kiss, Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure, Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, NYC Black Lace Creme, NYC French White Tip, and Butter London Cheeky Chops. I finished the design off with a coat of Revlon Quick Dry top coat.

I have started posting my little interim manicures between my reviews and designs on my Instagram. I Don't really get to share them on my blog, so I figured I would add them to the Month in Mani's roster with a link back to my Instagram, if you would like to check it out.

I applied Hard Candy Sweet Tooth over Revlon Charming, then a coat of Essie Matte About You top coat.
(From my Instagram) 


Thanks for reading! To check out last month's manicures click here
- xo Brittany 

What manicure was your favorite? What was your favorite manicure that you've done in November? Let me know in the comments!
My favorite manicure that I did in November would have to be the Harry Potter skittle design, that was really fun to make.

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