Zoya Tomoko Swatch & Review

I was so surprised to discover that I almost have 20 Bloglovin followers! -And almost 10 GFC followers!- I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but for a relatively new blogger, the fact that people like my blog, and actually read it, is awesome! So thank you!

OK, now that I'm done being a mushy mess :P, it's time for another Swatch & Review! This weeks polish is a newbie to my collection. -I know I said I was going to swatch more polishes already in my collection, but now that I have a paycheck, I can't help but buy more!- I bought this polish during my Ulta shopping spree, (Which you can read more about, and see what else I bought, here.) and I have been dying to share it! I am officially a Zoya fan. I have two of their shades, and they are in my top five favorite nail polishes -Ooh, that's a good post idea...-. I love the coverage, the shades, and even the bottles! I have to get more!

Zoya Tomoko - $8

I picked up the shade Tomoko. Which is a thin gel-like formula, a bit thinner than my Zoya Faye. It has a clear base, and densely packed champagne colored glitter particles. I love the super shimmery look, and I especially love the champagne color. I did not have this color, so I was so happy to add this shade to my collection! I also love that the mix of champagne color and strong glitter gives a nice sophisticated look. The dense glitter doesn't come off as childish in any way. Impressively, the glitter is so dense that it actually gives the polish a textured look and feel.

Close up of Zoya Tomoko
The brush is slightly domed, and a bit on the small side. But it applied color nicely around my cuticles, so no complaints.
Can I just talk about how much I love Zoya's bottles for a second. Not only do I love the look and unique shape of their bottles, I love how ergonomic the caps are. The cap is comfortable to hold, as well as easy to open. I like how it has a grip to it, unlike other polishes. Many of the polishes in my collection have teeth marks on the caps from me trying to open them!

Zoya Tomoko under Lamp.

Zoya Tomoko with flash.
Sadly, I don't have a swatch in sunlight to show you today, the weather wouldn't agree with me.

Because the polish is on the sheer side, I used a white polish as my base, then I used four coats of Tomoko for complete opacity. Once it was dry, I finished it with a coat of my Revlon quick dry top coat.
Again, I can't say it enough how much I love this polish! I love how elegant it looks, and how well the formula covers. I also had minimal chipping, which is always a bonus!

Surprise mini swatch!

I also bought a matte topcoat during my Ulta trip, and couldn't resist testing it with my Zoya Tomoko. I like the juxtaposition of glitter and matte. So I decided to do a review in a review! 

Essie Matte About You top coat under lamp.

Essie Matte About You Top Coat with flash.
To use Essie Matte About You, you just skip the top coat, then apply a coat of it over any polish. I applied it over Zoya Tomoko to matte the strong glitter. It made the glitter pretty matte, but left some of the sheen. I think it came out really nice. It's a bit hard to tell in the pictures, but it really toned down the glitter, and let the beautiful champagne color, and interesting texture, stand out. It almost looks like a liquid sand polish.
I have so many design ideas for this matte polish! I'm so glad I bought it. As I mentioned in my recent haul post, I've been hunting for a nice matte top coat for ages now, and finally the hunt is over!
Matte About You is a milky color, with a thick jelly-like formula. It doesn't create a matte finish instantly, it slowly turns matte after a few seconds. While it was so hard to skip my top coat, I really love the matte effect.
The only problem is that the nails with the matte top coat chipped much more than the nails with my regular Revlon top coat. They chipped after only a couple hours! But it's worth it to have the effect. But, if it continues to chip easily, I may have to find a different brand. Time will tell!

Thanks for reading! To read my previous Swatch & Reviews, click here.
-xo Brittany

Would you add Zoya Tomoko to your polish collection? Can you recommend a good matte top coat? Let me know in the comments!

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