You're a Wizard, Harry

Yes, I was inspired by the holy grail for book nerds like me, Harry Potter!
I have wanted to do a Harry Potter themed design for quite some time, so I figured I would finally give it a go. I have been an avid fan since I started reading the novels when I was a preteen, and I have re-read them multiple times. I've also seen all the movies - Though, I prefer the books.- , and I own all the corresponding video games. Told you I was a fan!
I just love the story, and the characters. My favorite character would have to be either Sirius Black, or Remus Lupin. Though, my favorite animal character has to be Hedwig. I was so mad when Hedwig died! Spoiler! :p

For my design I went with a skittle manicure, which is a different corresponding design on each nail.
(Click here to see my last skittle manicure.)
I decided to theme my design after the four houses of Hogwarts; Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff. And yes, I know I have five fingers and only four designs. So I honored my favorite feathered character, Hedwig.

For the houses, I looked up the Hogwarts crest and based my patterns accordingly, and obviously I used each houses signature colors.

For all of my nails, I used a base of white polish to help coverage.
To represent Slytherin on my thumbs, I used four coats -It's very thin.- of Sinful Colors Out of This World, then I applied some striping tape down the middle of my nail, painted two coats of Revlon Spanish Moss, then quickly removed the tape.
For Ravenclaw, I applied two coats of NYC Sidewalkers on my index fingers. Then I applied striping tape to create the wide band. After I applied two coats of Pure Ice French Kiss, I quickly removed the tape.
For the popular Gryffindor house, I applied three coats of Sally Hansen Gilty Pleasure on my middle finger nails, then marked off a square at the top of my nail using striping tape. I used a detailing nail art brush and painted in the square using Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, and, again, quickly removed the tape. For the bottom square, I used the same brush and free-handed it.
I created Hedwig using NYC Black Lace Creme, and NYC French White Tip. I learned to create the owl a few years back from an awesome tutorial by Cutepolish. I think the tutorial is still on Youtube if you want to check it out. I would recommend it, and all of her videos. She makes the most amazing, adorable, designs.
Hufflepuff was the most time consuming design. To create it I applied a base of Butter London Cheeky Chops - It's almost gone!-, then applied striping tape diagonally across my nail, applied two coats of NYC Black Lace Creme, then removed the tape.
To finish off all the designs, I applied a coat of Relvon Quick Dry top coat.

Close up of Hedwig.
Close up of Slytherin House colors. Sorry about my nail, it had a bad break. :(
This design was so fun to make, and reminded me just how much I love the Harry Potter story. It may be time to break out the novels again...

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this design as much as I did. To check out my previous designs click here.
- xo Brittany

Who is your favorite character? Which house would you want the sorting hat to pick for you? Let me know in the comments! While Gryffindor is an obvious choice, I think I would pick Ravenclaw.

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