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November 2013

Today I decided to break away from my busy schedule of sitting and drinking Dunkin' Donuts eggnog latte's, to bring you yet another Skoshbox review! If you are not sure what Skoshbox is, check out my first review (here), where I go into further detail. But basically it's a monthly subscription box that sends me snacks and candy from Japan.
Now let's see what I got this month! -Like always, I made my mother and brother try everything too, so I will share their thoughts and feelings also.-

Sidenote: I wasn't kidding about the eggnog latte's. I've already had three in three days... I might have a problem... But who cares! They're just too yummy!

This month's box was pretty good. Nothing was really broken upon delivery, and most of the snacks were pretty tasty. I say most because of one unpleasant surprise snack I was not keen on trying. - Hint, it's the gold wrapped one in the above picture.-

First up is Pretz Salad: Biscuit sticks lightly dusted with seasoning.
Pretty good. It has a very zesty salad dressing flavor, with the texture of a cracker. I liked the savory flavor. They look like thin crunchy french fries. I don't think I could eat them everyday, but they would be a good "once in a while" snack.
Sakuma Drops: The iconic hard candy that's featured in "Grave of the Fireflies".
I have no clue what "Grave of the Fireflies" is, but the candy tasted like cough drops. They are also oddly sticky, they stuck to my teeth -Ew.-. They had a slightly fruity scent, but I could not pinpoint what kind of fruit. No flavor at all. Just bleh. Also my flavor processing was hindered at this point because I had just tried the item in the gold wrapper I mentioned earlier, and I was still a bit shaken up...
Fujiya Lollipop: The original fruit version of the soda pops in our previous boxes.
I hated the soda pops, so I had no faith in this lollipop being good. Frankly it tasted like a cough drop -Again, do they think I have a cold or something?-, with no fruit flavor what-so-ever. Only my brother liked this one.

Yakiniku/Unagi Strips: Jerky strips in grilled eel or beef flavors. Freaked out?
Yes, yes Skoshbox I was freaked out! Of course I received the eel flavor...bleh... The second I opened the package all I could smell was the strong scent of dead fish. Disgusting. I was quite nauseated. I tried the smallest bit and it nearly brought up my lunch. -Sorry for being too descriptive, but no words can explain how gross this was to me.- My mother wasn't having it, and would not even try it. I don't blame her... My brother ate it, and said he thought it wasn't bad... NO.
Yuki No Yado Senbei: Light fluffy rice crackers drizzled in sweet frosting.
I love Skoshbox's Senbei crackers, and I love frosting, so this was an obvious win. It still had the slight salad dressing flavor of the past senbei crackers, just mixed with frosting. Weird yes, but super yummy. I loved the mix of sweet and tangy. It's like if you mixed Italian dressing with toaster strudel frosting... OK, it sounds gross, but I swear it was delicious. Everyone involved was a fan.
Bisco Snack: In original or strawberry, a kids snack because of its softness.
While the package creeped me out - Why is there a disembodied face on it?-, it was pretty good. I loved the scent of strawberry. and the wafer texture was nice. My mother and brother thought it tasted like a less artificial strawberry Poptart. But to me, the strawberry flavor was more similar to a strawberry milkshake.

Fruit Gummies: In orange or grape. Firm, chewy, and full of flavor.
 I received the grape flavor. I am not a fan of gummy candy, but I gave it a shot... I am still not a fan of gummy candy... It smelled like kid's grape flavored cough syrup, and I couldn't get past the odd mushy texture. My brother loved them, of course. My mother wouldn't try them, and again, I do not blame her. -She has good judgement.- 
Choco Pie: Cake with marshmallow filling and chocolate coating.
The second I read chocolate, I knew I would like this one. And, what do you know?! I loved it. It tasted like those Pinwheel dessert snacks. And the cake was very similar in texture to a Hostess cake. Everyone loved it, but I feel it is just too similar to desserts I can get in the states to be too interested in it. I want to try snacks I Can't get in the states!
Hanatsumi Jelly: Kanten jelly candy, firm and mildly fruity/sweet.
I unfortunately cannot share my snarky comments for this item, because I did not receive it! So I will never know if I would have liked it or not. But frankly, seeing that I am not a big fan of "jelly" candy, -Jelly nail polish on the other hand? Yes please!- I would say probably not...

And finally, my stationary gift!
Origami: The art of folding paper into beautiful objects like flowers, animals, and boxes.
I love the cute little animals on the cover. -I love packages in Japan! Everything is so colorful, with cute little characters on it.- But the instructions on the back were impossible! It was like I was trying to build a laser or something! But if you follow me on Istagram - Link on the right.- Then you saw I have already showed off a crane I made using the paper - Thanks YouTube!-.

All in all, I think while I have had better boxes in the past, this box was really good, and I enjoyed most of the snacks and candy I was given. Just next time, I will skip over anything with the word eel in it...

Thanks for reading! To check out my previous Skoshbox reviews, click here.

If I had to pick a favorite snack from this month's box, I'd pick the Bisco Snack, I love the strawberry milkshake flavor. What snack would you like to try from this month's box? Let me know in the comments below!

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