Dot's Make Up Wipes Review

I know, I know, this post is late! But yesterday was just... Bleh. While going to get my driving permit - Yes, late to the party I know, but I just got my first car, so better late than never. - I discovered I was blind when I failed the eye test. Of course I knew my vision wasn't the best, but after going to get some glasses, I learned that I am quite visually impaired! Weirdly enough, my right eye is worse than my left eye. But now I have some glasses, and my permit. So it was a long day, but a good one too.
Anyway! Now I am here, and it is time to review a product I bought last month. I waited to review it so I could see the long term effects, and give a more comprehensive review.

Dot's makeup wipes - $3
Before I start, I want to say that while I work for the Dot's company, I am still giving my full, honest, opinions. This is new to my store, and everyone there was really curious on how well they worked. So, knowing that I have a blog, someone suggested I review them. I was not given them, I bought them with my own money. Hopefully you won't think I'm biased.

My store sells these in 25 sheet packets. While that doesn't seem like a lot, at only $3 per pack, I think that's a pretty good price. I've been pricing makeup wipes at my local drugstore for a while, but could never get past the price tags. $15 for wet wipes seems a bit steep to me...
I wanted to try these wipes out not just because of the price, but also because I usually work the closing shift, and when I get home I've been known to sleep with my makeup still on. GASP! I know, that's really bad, but I'm tired! So I figured I would test these wipes out, and simultaneously save my poor skin.

Now for my opinions!
I like the packaging, I'm a sucker for zebra. I also like the size, it's small enough to keep on my bedside table for when I'm feeling lazy. I also like that it's resealable, and means it. The cover actually stays closed, even after being opened countless times.
The wipes themselves are pretty scentless, which I prefer. I hate overly fragranced products. I don't want my face to smell like I fell into a vat of perfume.
The true test was obviously the actual make up removal.While the wipes had a bit of trouble removing my layers of mascara, they did remove my foundation, concealer, and all the other products I put on my face on a daily basis. My face felt clean, and my skin didn't get that tight feeling some products leave behind.
One thing I did notice though, was that after a while I started getting a couple dry patches by my chin. I already have dry skin, and this product is a tad drying. But most products are to me. Very rarely can I find a product that isn't drying.

Water, glycerin, aloe vera gel, vitamin E acetate, benzalkonium chloride, fragrance, bronopol.
Even though ingredient list says fragrance, I really couldn't smell anything, which works for me!

Overall, I like the price, the packaging, and the results. I would just be careful if you have dry skin like me, and not use them every night. Also make sure to apply some moisturizer after use.
Because of my dry skin, I try to only use them after work, or if I'm not feeling well and the trip to my bathroom sink sounds like a trip to Mordor.

Thanks for reading! I hoped you liked my latest review, to check out my previous reviews click here.
- xo Brittany

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