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October 2013

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Anyway, It's time for yet another Skoshbox review! If you haven't read my previous posts, or are not sure what Skoshbox is, click here.

I was disappointed to discover that most of my snacks were cracked or broken again. I don't know if Skoshbox needs to package their products better, or my mailman is a jerk to boxes. Either way I wasn't happy, but of course that didn't stop me from eating it!

Time to catalog and review all the candy and snacks from Japan! Like always, I had my mother and brother taste test them with me, so I will be sharing my thoughts, as well as theirs.

First up is a very broken Soft Salad Senbei: A baked puffy rice cracker with a light savory taste.
(It's the light golden one with the red marked wrapper.)
I was concerned about this one, because the last "salad" cracker I received from Skoshbox tasted like I poured straight salad dressing into my mouth. A bit too strong. Luckily this was a more toned down version, and was actually really tasty.
Niigata Rice Cracker: (Also broken to bits.) Thin Shoyu rice crackers.
The description says they taste just like Yaki-Onigiri, if I knew what that was I would agree... Maybe. If you know what that means let me know in the comments. Unless it's something scary, like squid or something... It tasted pretty good, but all I really focused on was that I thought the name was Shoyru, and all I could think about was the cute little dragons on Neopets.
Endo Green Pea: Fried green pea snack.
Yuck! Couldn't even handle it. I hate peas to begin with, so this wasn't my cup of tea. Neither was it my mothers. My brother, on the other hand, liked them. He said it's not something he would eat regularly, but was good nonetheless. 

Chocolate Puff: Puffed chocolate snack with chocolate coating.
Surprisingly not broken. Very similar to the Umaibo snacks I received in my last two boxes, just chocolate.
It was very chocolaty, with a wafer-like texture on the inside. I would say it was like a large, puffed, Kitkat.
This was a favorite among all three of us.
Matcha Gum Pack: Mochi textured matcha green tea gum sticks.
Obsessed! As I've mentioned before, I am seriously addicted to Matcha thanks to Skoshbox. So I just about died when I opened this month's box and discovered that matcha gum existed! It is really good, and keeps it's flavor for a lot longer than American gum. The pieces are also very large, though I'm still rationing it while I find a place online to buy more. 
Ume Cracker: Baked cracker with ume (pickled plum.) glaze coating.
I knew the second I read "pickled plum" I wasn't going to like it. And sure enough, I couldn't make it through one bite. My mother didn't like it either. Of course, my brother liked it.
Nori Wrapped Senbei: Crunchy shoyu senbei wrapped in crispy nori.
Now I already knew I liked shoyu senbei from the last cracker, so that wasn't a concern. What was, was that I knew that nori meant seaweed! So I was nervous. But it was actually pretty good! A bit salty, but that was to be expected. My brother liked it also. My mother spit it out... Not her cup of tea I guess...

Black Sesame Mochi: Chewy mochi that's bursting with black sesame flavor.
I'm not really a fan of the Japanese "jelly" candy. I can't get over the odd texture. Not my favorite. I can't really describe the flavor, I didn't make it that far, I couldn't get past the texture. My brother liked it of course. He likes everything I get from Skoshbox. I think he is meant to live in Japan one day.
Sparkling Ball Candy: Large candy in lemon, strawberry, grape, or apple.
I received apple. Since I'm not that big of a candy eater I had my mother try it. She really liked it. She said it was really good, with a nice apple flavoring, and reminded her of a Jawbreaker.
Fizzy Soda Candy: Hard fizzy candies in apple, grape, and pineapple flavors.
I received apple and grape. I tried apple - Not a grape fan.-. I was worried, because the last time I tried a "soda" candy, it was a soda lollipop, and it was disgusting. But I really liked this one! It had a really nice apple flavor, and reminded me of a lollipop.

And finally the "special" item. My Japanese stationary gift.
Hagaki: Japanese Postcards.
It says I should send them to my friends to say hi, while that would be a sweet gesture, I'd much rather keep them for myself! Their so pretty! I plan on framing and hanging them in my bedroom. I love the prints, but was disappointed to discover on Instagram that everyone received the same ones. It would have been much more fun if each box had a random assortment so people could show each other which ones they received, and also have it be a bit more special. But I still love the prints either way, and I will be purchasing a frame for them soon.

That's it! Thanks for reading my latest Skoshbox review! If you would like to try Skoshbox out too, check out their website. A subscription is only $12 a month! 
If you've reviewed your Skoshbox too, leave me a link in the comments, I'd love to see other peoples opinions on the candy and snacks from this month.

Thanks for reading!

What snack or candy would you try from this month's box? Would you try seaweed? Let me know in the comments!

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