Mint and Black & White Stripes

Yes, I finally have a new nail design up, and yes, I am still obsessed with my nail art striping tape. Though unlike my previous design using it (here), I wasn't up to the task of striping every nail.

For this weeks design, I was, weirdly enough, inspired by a vintage table I saw - And wanted so badly!-. Inspiration comes in weird places I guess. Anyway, the table had mint legs, with a thick striped black and white table top. It was beautiful. So, since I couldn't have the actual table, I thought the next best thing was to make a design based on it!

For my design I used two coats of CoverGirl Mint Mojito as the base on most of my nails. Then I painted two coats of NYC French White Tip on my accent nails, a coat of my top coat, then let it dry completely. Afterwards, I used my striping tape and created the thicker stripes by placing two tape pieces side by side, painted two coats of NYC Black Lace Creme, then quickly removed the tape. For the look I was going for - And my sanity.-, I only placed stripes on my ring fingers and thumbs.

Maybe I read way too much Nailasaurus - I love her blog, I read it daily.-, but I still thought the design was missing something, and wasn't as cohesive as I wanted. So I dug out my nail gems, and applied black gems on the half moons of my mint nails -Nailasaurus style.- using tweezers and dipping the gems in clear nail polish beforehand. I think it really ties everything together.

After everything was finished drying, I applied a coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty base & top coat in one. Normally I won't apply a top coat on top of gems, since it can cause bubbles, but now that I'm working, I wanted to protect them from damage. Once the top coat was dry, I used acetone based polish remover, Q-tips, and an angled nail art brush to clean up my edges and cuticles.

Thanks for reading! To check out all of my nail art looks, click here.

What do you think of this design? What surprising things have inspired your nail designs lately?
Let me know in the comments!

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