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Yes I have a midweek post! I haven't done one in a while, mostly because I've been working a lot. But I have today off, so I thought, why not make a haul post! I love reading them, but I haven't made one myself in ages, So why not change that right now.
I didn't buy all the items in this haul at once, but I'm just going to group them together so this post won't be only one paragraph long.
I'm going to try to make more haul posts, especially now that I'm working and have more disposable income. But seeing that I'm not a bulk shopper - I buy bits and pieces at a time.- I will have to condense them together, so I think hauls will probably be a monthly feature.

Sidenote, if your not following me on Instagram - Link on the right.- than I have a big announcement at the end of this post! But first time to share my purchases:

Zoya Tomoko - $8 / Essie Matte About You - $10 / Hard Candy - $4 / O.P.I Alcatraz...Rocks - $8

First is a haul from my trip to Ulta, or as I call it, home. Ulta is on the expensive side, so I didn't buy as much as I would like to. But I still got some amazing polishes. I picked up Zoya Tomoko, which is from their Pixie Dust line. I found it on a bottom shelf, and the second I saw it I knew I was taking it home, I just love the champagne colored glitter. Then I picked up O.P.I Alcatraz... Rocks. A beautiful purple liquid sand polish with flecks of green, blue, pink, and gold, that I have been dying to try. And finally, if you've been reading my wishlist you know I have been hunting down a matte topcoat forever. Every time I would see one, it was either sold out, or my local drugstore didn't carry it. But my hunt is finally over! I bought Essie Matte About You matte finisher.
The Hard Candy polish is actually not from Ulta, but from the Super Walmart around the corner, where I was doing some grocery shopping. I love the light purple jelly like formula, and round glitters of pink and teal. I will be swatch & reviewing all these polishes in the near future, so keep an eye out if your interested!
Also, while I was at Ulta I saw my dream fragrance, Marc Jacobs Honey, which if you remember from my fragrance sample review (here.), I was obsessed with the fragrance, just not the $90 price tag. So I went a bit crazy with the tester they had on display :p. It just smells so good!

Scarves - $2 each. Clutch - $5.
I needed more winter clothes, as it is right around the corner. What I didn't need was scarves - I have quite the collection. -. But they were only $2 each! How could I pass them up... I bought them at Ocean State Job Lot. Which is a small discount store that sells just random crap. But if you really look you can find some cool things, like these scarves. The yellow one is my favorite, and is actually an infinity scarf. I bought a winter coat at the same store, which is black and white, so I wanted it to give the coat a pop of color. The blue one is just cute, and I wanted it... Don't judge me...
The cute lemon yellow clutch is from my work, and was on clearance! How could I not! Plus it matches my yellow scarf perfectly. It was fate... I hate how in the winter my wardrobe is always so dark and dreary, so I figured the clutch could add a pop of color when I'm wearing all my winter layers of black and grey neutrals.

Hounds tooth coat - $40.
This coat is also from ocean state, and I love it so much. I was shocked when I saw it, they usually only stock the most hideous coats. I love the pattern, the black and white keeps it neutral, but the hounds tooth pattern gives the coat some interest. Plus it has a very vintage shape, it's very 1950's. It makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn. And, you know, it's warm and stuff...

Black cardigan - $15? Leopard print cardigan - $5.
I discovered while going through my wardrobe, that I had like, three sweaters. Not good, especially since I walk to work mostly, and it's getting freezing out. So I have been stocking up. I bought the black cardigan at work, for I think around $15 dollars, maybe more. The leopard print cardigan is actually a surprising discovery at a second hand store for only five dollars. It fits really well, and I think the pattern is super cute. It's neutral, but not boring.

Bow earrings - $4.
I also bought these at my work. They were on clearance. My weakness. I normally don't buy stud earrings, my hair is cut into a bob, so I can't see them. But I thought these were just so cute and girly.

Pikachu - $25
Why yes, that is a Pikachu onesie. Why yes, I am a 24 year old woman... You can thank my love of Japan for this purchase! I saw it on a Vlog about Japan on Youtube, and then I saw a haul from a blogger in England who bought one from Amazon. So of course I had to go on Amazon and get one too... Basically, if I'm not working, I'm at home in my Pikachu, blogging or watching TV... I don't care, it's just so comfy!

Shoes - $19
These are also from work. I needed some new shoes for the trek to work - It usually takes 30-40 minutes.-, that wouldn't cause blisters or foot pain. I have a red pair of flat moccasins that I normally wear, but it's getting colder and they are open around my foot. Brrrr! These shoes are super comfortable, and feel like I'm wearing slippers. I also like the silver studs, they look a bit more dressed up for work, plus they look so cute with skinny jeans. Sorry about the dust and dirt on them, as you can see I've been wearing them frequently.

Sweater - $15? Hat - $7?
Sorry, I'm not very good at remembering prices after this length of time, but the cost of both items is around that. Both are from work. Yet another sweater. It's an open slouchy cardigan, and I just love how soft it is. I can just throw a blouse underneath and some skinny jeans, and feel put together, and most importantly, warm.
The hat is adorable! I needed something to wear for my walk to work, since I would leave the house with super cute smooth hair, and by the time I got to work, the wind would turn my hair into a rats nest. But now, my hair is protected, plus I look cute and cozy.

That's it! Now for my announcement! I adopted the cutest little thing yesterday!

His name is Charles Francis Xavier, but I just call him Xavier. Yes, he is named after Professor X, my favorite character from X-men besides Wolverine. He is a 5 month old ferret, who is slightly crazy, and loves to run around and play with his new lamb toy. He was waiting to be adopted for over a month, - Since he is a bit older, no one wanted him. Everyone wants babies. - but I am so glad, because now he is a new member of my furry family! If you follow me on Instagram I'm warning you now, my feed is going to be full of his cute furry face for a while.

Thanks for reading!
- Brittany

What have you bought lately? Are there any products that you are dying to try? Have a haul post you want me to check out? Let me know in the comments!

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