Covergirl Glosstinis Swatch & Review

Today I have two polishes to swatch for you, from Covergirl's Glosstinis line of polishes. The collection I picked from were "limited edition" and were called Tropical Glosstinis. This line contains mini polishes in tropical cocktail inspired shades.
I don't know how "limited" this collection really is, I think "limited edition" is just a great tagline for selling polishes fast. I have seen them in many stores, and for a long period of time, so who knows... Maybe instead of having a stock of 5 million polishes, for this one they only have 4 million. :p
Obviously this is not a "seasonal" thing, because it is almost November, and I saw a whole stock of them at Ulta.

Anyway! Whatever the reason may be, they are limited edition, and they are cute! So I managed to walk out of my local drugstore with only two -How, I don't know.- to swatch & review for you today!

Covergirl Appletini - $4
They sell at my local drugstore for $4 each. While I do think that is steep for such a little thing,  I did have a coupon, so that made me feel a bit better about it.

As you can see, they are total baby polishes. Luckily, they have pretty good coverage, so I think they will last a bit in my collection. They are definitely not good for nail art, they would be gone in no time flat. But for simple plain mani's they will survive for a while. Also, since it is Fall currently, they won't get much use right now. I like to break out my darker, "Autumn" colors once the weather starts to turn frosty.

First up for review is Appletini. This is a creme formula, with a slightly matte shade of pea green. It reminds me of baby food, but I weirdly still like it... It's on the thin side, not as much as the second shade I bought, but still needed an extra coat. It has a hint of gloss, even more so once I applied my top coat.
I got nice coverage after three coats. Much better coverage than the second polish. I prefer this shade, it's my favorite out of the two, but I still enjoy both shades.

Close up of Appletini.
In sunlight.
Under lamp.

With flash.

For both polishes I applied a base of white polish, and finished them with a coat of my old top coat, Sally Hansen Double Duty base & top coat in one.

Next is Bahama Mama. Which I must say, has the best name ever. I just love saying it. Anyway, this shade has a creme formula, and is a peachy, soft shade of orange, with a silver shimmer. The shimmer is not too childish, it's more of a mature, subtle shimmer. In sunlight and shade, the small iridescent silver particles shine nicely. It's thin. Thinner than Appletini. But I was still able to get OK coverage with three coats. It does streak, and even after my three coats a hint of my free-edge still showed through. I wish it was thicker, so I wouldn't have to go so thick with the layers.
Drying time was a pain! To get the coverage I was able to required my coats to be a little thick. I could have applied the polish thinner, and just added more coats, but I was impatient.
Bahama Mama close up.
Under lamp.

In sunlight.
With flash.
I do like the peachy/orange shade of Bahama mama, I usually don't like orange nail polish, but this one is a baby step towards a brighter orange. I don't like the formula though. I hate when polish on the lighter side gets streaky.

I think covergirl's tropical collection is really cute, and great for testing out shades without having to buy a full sized bottle. I don't really think the shades are "special" enough to really be called limited edition, I feel I could find these shades in any polish line. But I still think they're cute, and I like the idea and look of the Glosstinis collection.

Thanks for reading! To check out my past Swatch & reviews click here.

Have you tried Covergirl's Glosstinis? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Sidenote: I realized I haven't done a haul post in forever! So be on the look out soon, I have a big haul coming with all the clothes and beauty products I've bought recently, including a trip to Ulta, where I picked up some pretty awesome nail polishes to review!

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