Sugar Coat Swatch & Review

Today I will be reviewing a new textured polish trend, Sugar coat. The polish I picked up is by Sally Hansen, and it was really hard to find! I checked three different stores before I found it at my local Walgreens. And even then there were only two left! I was tempted to buy both, but since they were the same shade, I figured I would leave one for another polish addict to find.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sweetie - $7

I purchased the shade sweetie, mostly because it was the only shade left and I was dying to try this texture, and also because I think the light pastel yellow is cute. It's a very sunny yellow, that doesn't have that unappealing mustard tone to it. It is a creme formula, and misleadingly thin.

In this picture you can see the "sugar" granules easily. I like the look of the bottle, the white decal is actually textured as well.
The brush is a bit squared off, but it didn't really effect application. My only grievance with the brush is that one of the bristles was bent at an angle, you can see it in the picture, so that was annoying. luckily, when the brush is coated in polish it aligns with the other bristles. Though when I'm applying the polish, I see the little thing slowly creeping out, creating lines in my fresh coat of polish!

Under a lamp.
The bottle states to shake gently, then apply two thin coats. I hate shaking polish, it creates bubbles. So I gently rolled the bottle between my palms.
Because the polish is such a pastel shade of yellow, I was worried about coverage, so I applied a base coat of white to help cover, and to make the yellow a bit more vibrant.
The funny thing about this polish is that it applies very glossy and the granules are not very visible, but once it dries for a second it becomes matte and very textured. The formula covers really well, the only problem I had was that the granules can clump, which then leads to bald spots, so I needed to apply three coats to get the coverage I was looking for.
I ended up skipping my top coat, I was afraid it would smooth out the texture too much. I'm glad I did, I love the look the polish created, and I love how gritty it looks and feels.
Another create thing about this polish is that it is so easy to fix chips! Because the texture is so bumpy, when I dab new polish into the chip, it blends in perfectly without getting that obvious line of demarcation.

With flash.
In sunlight.
I love this polish! It's very unique, and fun to look at. Though I prefer to spend a bit less, I'm working now so my budget isn't as strict as it once was. Also, this polish is totally worth the price. I love the look of it, and I've even been complimented on it. Everyone who notices it wants to feel the texture, and wants to know where I got it.
Sally Hansen has come out with a special edition collection of the Sugar coat line recently, and I have my eye on one called Red Velvet which is a gorgeous red shade. I also want it because I'm obsessed with all things red velvet cake related -Yum!-, so I am in the process of hunting it down now.
If you find this polish in your local store I would totally recommend buying it! And seeing how hard it was for me to find it myself, if you see it buy it!

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Have you tried Sugar Coat? What do you think of the textured polish trend? Let me know in the comments!

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