Skoshbox Review

September 2013

(To read my review for August, click here.)

It's that time again! My latest Skoshbox has arrived, and I wanted to share my opinions on the yummy snacks and candy I got from Japan. If you don't know what Skoshbox is, I explain it in more detail here.
Now let's get to the candy!
Like previously, I shared my haul with my mother and brother, so I will be sharing their thoughts and opinions also.

I was pleased to see that none of my candy was damaged, unlike last time. I don't know if they packed it better, or the shipping company decided to care more. Either way, I'm happy.

Umaibo: Puffed Corn Snack, Cheese Flavor.
First is the Umaibo -The package with the weirdly happy bunny-, I actually received this in August, but it was added to this month's box by popular demand. I can see why, it is like a giant Cheeto puff, but with a less artificial cheese flavor. All three of us are fans of this snack.
Kakinotane: Spicy rice crackers with peanuts.
Everyone liked this one, it has more of a smokey flavor than spicy. Very good. 
Fujiya Home Pie: Buttery flaky pie.
I found it weird that a crunchy cracker thing is called a "pie", but it is tasty. It does have a buttery taste, but the texture is more like a graham cracker. Pretty yummy, everyone liked it.
Matcha Candy: Milky Matcha candy
Because of August's box, I have learned that I love Matcha! But, this candy was a miss. It tasted less like Matcha, and more like gummy candy. My mother and I instantly spit our pieces out, but my brother, of course, loved it. I think he would live in Japan in a heart beat now, he is obsessed with Japanese candy and snacks.
Koala's March: Chocolate-creme filled koala biscuits.
Oh my god, this is the cutest snack ever! Very good, they almost tasted like graham crackers with a creamy milk chocolate filling. But frankly, I was more obsessed with the adorable wrapper and koala shaped biscuits than I was with the snack itself. -Also adorable is the fact that the koala on the package is apparently in the Olympics, or at least running with the torch. Good for him!-
Look how cute it is!

Kanten Jelly: Hard jelly with a sugar coating.
-The pretty purple wrapper with the pink block inside- Again, my and my mother's pieces were spit out, but my brother loved it. It just had to weird a consistency, I felt like I was eating Playdoh or something. Very sweet, too sweet for me.
Popcandy Soda: Soda flavored lollipop: cola.
Couldn't do it. I've always hated rootbeer lollipops, and soda lollipops, so this was not for me. It had a very strong cola flavor.
Ichigo Milk Candy: Strawberry milk candies.
I am not really a candy person, I'm a chocolate fan. So this was tested by my mother and brother. They said it had more of a milk flavor with a hint of strawberry, like strawberry milk. Sounds good, kind of wished I tried it.
Chocolate: Crunky Chocolate.
Tasted just like a Hershey bar, just more of a bitter, coco flavor, like dark chocolate.
Manju: Steamed Azuki Bean Cake: Matcha.
I told you I loved Matcha! This was by far my favorite snack, my mother's too. It was so good, I wish I had about a hundred more. It was very soft and slightly chewy. The cake itself tasted like a Fig Newton, with a yummy Matcha filling. Because of this, I wish Fig Newton's would make a Matcha flavored version! That would be awesome.
Age-ichi Senbei: Fried shoyu rice cracker.
Somehow I missed taking a picture of this one, bright I know - You can see it in the picture I took of the whole box, it's the round cracker thing on the left.-. Everyone liked it. It was super crunchy, and tasted like a Quaker rice cracker, just very spicy. 
Keshigomu: Japanese eraser.
When I first learned of Skoshbox from Youtuber Jyuusan Kaidan, she had showed that they gave her a Japanese eraser too. She mentioned how amazing Japanese erasers are, and she was so right! This eraser is so good I had to take a swatch to show it.

The top bare spot is from the Japanese eraser, the blotchy, pink tinted bare spot is from an American eraser. Hear that? That's my mind exploding. How did I survive school and college without this eraser! It is so smooth, and leaves absolutely no marks or stains on paper. I'm almost afraid to use it too much, if I use it up It's going to be very hard to get my hands on another one. Best. Eraser. Ever. OK, sorry for ranting, but this eraser is just too awesome not to share.

Thanks for reading!

What snack or candy from this Month's box would you try? Have you ever tried Skoshbox?

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