Impress Challenge

Day Five, Still Alive!

Lately the weather where I live has been gloomy, dark, and pouring. I love it! 
Anyway, yesterday I had a client for a haircut, and obviously that required extensive use of my hands. The nails were still strong, and there were no casualties - What is this adhesive made out of? Magic?-. Not to say the day didn't go without a hitch. After the haircut was done, I was cleaning my thinning shears, and somehow managed to drop them on my foot - Of course I was wearing sandals.-. So now I have a gash on my foot, but at least I didn't lose a press-on! While in school, I cut my hands a lot with my shears, but this was the first time I ever cut my foot!
Besides the surprising strength of these nails, I also noticed a third-party benefit to them. My cat, Jackson, has been obsessed with me scratching under his chin more than usual, and I believe this has less to do with any affection for me, and more to do with the plastic of the press-on nails. I think he's going to miss them when they're gone.
I had to include a picture of him, Isn't he cute?!

Day Six

While I am impressed and surprised with the longevity of these nails, I can't wait for tomorrow to take them off! It's not that I don't like them, I'm just having nail polish withdrawal, and want to paint, design, and swatch again! I know it has only been a week, but I am bored. Though it was fun testing out a product I normally wouldn't have bought in a million years, thinking it would be terrible. I want to experiment with more nail products like this. Hopefully this challenge impressed someone else besides myself, and opened someones eyes to a cool product they wouldn't have bought otherwise.

Thanks for reading!

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