Gold Stripes & Flowers

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had ordered a large quantity of nail art striping tape from Amazon. The only problem was that my order was from China, so obviously it was going to take some time to get here. But it's here, and I'm so excited! I knew I wanted this weeks design to incorporate my new purchase, so I decided on some thin stripes.
When I do a design on every nail I prefer to go a bit more subtle, so I wanted a more subdued color for my stripes. I hunted all around my stock pile of polishes, then I remembered one of my favorites, It is this gorgeous gold color, I just love it. So I hunted it down and paired it with a nice simple white polish. For a little dimension I also added some free-hand Hibiscus flowers on my ring fingers and thumbs. It was my first attempt at making them, so don't judge! :p

I started with a base of NYC French White, applied my striping tape, then two coats of the beautiful Complete Salon Manicure Gilty Pleasure, then quickly removed the tape before the polish could dry. Next I applied a layer of top coat, let it dry, then I used a detail nail art brush and Milani A Rose Mylady -One of my favorite pinks, it's just so elegant looking.- to paint my hibiscus flowers. I also used a small dotting tool to add some accent dots around my flowers using the same white polish I used as my base. Afterwards I applied another coat of Sally Hanson Double Duty base & top coat in one.

Thanks for reading!

Sorry if the pictures are too big, I've been toying with my picture taking methods, trying to find the right look for me & my blog. A blogger's work is never done!

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