Fuzzy Coat Swatch & Review

Yes, I have yet another swatch and review for you today. My designs will be back soon, I just recently picked up some awesome polishes and I'm just dying to share.
If you follow me on Instagram -Link in the Places to find me section on the left. -, then you know I stumbled upon these polishes a couple weeks ago, and was planning a swatch and review as soon as possible. Well, here it is! I was actually at my grocery store shopping and decided to check out the cosmetic section to look for a dupe of a Butterlondon polish I have, for my very first dupe post I'm creating soon. Once I saw the display for Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat how could I resist?! I bought one called Wool Knot, and my mother also couldn't resist, and bought Wool Lite. And being as nice as she is, she was gracious enough to let me swatch hers today too, so I have two polishes for you!

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Wool Lite - $5
Now, the fuzzy polish trend isn't new, it's been around for a bit. But the looks I've seen were made using the nail decals covered in actual fur fabric, which just make me think of wearing dead Muppets on my nails, not very appealing.
Sally Hansen went with a clear jelly-like base with small hair-like fibers. The polish is very densely packed, meaning it is relatively easy to apply the fibers on my nails. Below are some closeups.

Wool Knot
Wool Lite
The bottle recommends applying three coats, but the great thing about this polish is, if you want the look to be more subtle, one or two coats still give a nice fur effect, it's just not as dense.

Wool Lite is a nice pale pink polish. I love the shade. It has a bit of a glossy look to it after I apply my top coat. I wasn't going to apply a top coat originally, but having previous bad experience with textured polish (here.), I didn't want to worry about the fibers getting caught on things. So I ended up applying a coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty base & top coat in one.
I first applied a base of Milani A Rose Mylady, which was an almost perfect color match, to make sure I didn't get any bald spots. I would recommend doing so, since the fibers can clump a bit, leading to bare areas. I applied three coats of Wool Lite to get the full Fuzzy effect.

Wool Lite Under lamp
Wool Lite with flash
Wool Lite in direct sunlight

Wool Knot is a mixture of white and blue fibers. It also gives a nice glossy look when I apply my top coat. I love the mixture of colors, it reminds me of a shag rug.
I also put a base polish underneath to prevent bald spots. I used Milani Beach Front, Which was not quite the perfect color match, but did its job. I then used three coats of Wool knot to get the full Fuzzy effect.
Sally Hansen Wool Knot 
Wool Knot under lamp
Wool Knot with flash
Wool Knot in direct sunlight
I love these polishes, they come in a nice selection of colors, and the effect is pretty realistic and cute. I was surprised by just how much I like them. I think they are great polishes for experimenting with. The colors would even look cute with coordinating base colors, or different levels of thickness. At only $5 this collection is great for testing out a trend without killing your bank account. Also, it doesn't look like you murdered a Muppet, so win win.

Thanks for reading! (To read my previous Swatch & Reviews click here.)

Would you try Fuzzy Coat? What do you think of the furry nail trend? Let me know in the comments.

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