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I got a job yesterday! Yay!  I start tomorrow, and I am so excited. Because this was an occasion to celebrate, I went shopping!
While this isn't really a Fashion blog, I think beauty and fashion go hand in hand, and who doesn't like a haul post! I love them. It must be that voyeuristic part of us humans, it's interesting to see what people buy, and also to see what sales or discounts people got on really nice pieces.

I went to my favorite spending spot, Dot's. Which if you've never heard of it, I explain further here. It is the best place for trendy pieces at low prices.

Fall is coming people! While today is super hot and humid, the beautiful Fall weather is right around the corner, and I want to be prepared and look good while doing it. Dots was having an awesome sale on printed leggings, which always look super cute with a nice big sweater, so I picked up a couple pairs. As well as a nice fluffy scarf, because you can never have too many scarves!

Both pairs were $10.

I usually don't like leggings, but I loved the selection of patterns they had, and as I mentioned I'm preparing for fall, and nothing looks cuter with a pair of boots and a slouchy sweater than leggings. 
I went specifically for the cross patterned ones, I love them! They remind me of the 90's grunge era -even though I wasn't old enough in the 90's to appreciate it then, I do now.-, which is coming back into style, but it is a bit less dirty looking now, mostly cross accents and plaid fabrics, with some cute combat boots thrown in for good measure.
The tribal looking set was unexpected. I saw them in the window, fell in love, but worried I couldn't pull them off, having never worn this type of pattern before. But I tried them on, and they are awesome. I already have this cute vintage off the shoulder cream sweater that will look gorgeous with them, once the weather permits of course.

Striped scarf, $8.
What's Fall without a nice chunky scarf! While I have too many to count at this point, a girl can never have too many scarves in her wardrobe - That's what I tell myself while I carry them to the check out counter.-.
It is huge and soft and fluffy! I just love it. I actually wore it home, not even caring about the current temperature. It could even look cute with my cross leggings and a nice solid top. It wraps around beautifully, and makes me feel very artsy. I love the striped pattern, it's bold, but the colors make it neutral enough to pair it with almost anything.

While I had fun and got some great pieces, I didn't spend so much that I feel like my wallet is quietly sobbing, so that's always a bonus!

 Thanks for reading!

What piece did you like? Are you for or against leggings? Are you excited for Fall fashion?

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