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So, for today's post I wanted to do my first review on an awesome subscription service I signed up for. It's called Skoshbox. I heard about it watching a YouTuber named Jyuusan Kaidan, or Sharla in Japan. She's from Canada and makes videos about her life living in Japan. It's a really cool channel, I recommend it if your interested in other cultures. But, anyway, she made a vlog about Skoshbox, which is a service that sends you a box the beginning of every month filled with interesting and popular Japanese candy, snacks, and trinkets. It only costs $12 a month, so I decided to try it because it sounded so awesome.
My first box!
This is what the box looks like. The little card lists all the items inside it, as well as the names and the ingredients. I was disappointed to find some of my snacks were broken when it was delivered, but I won't blame Skoshbox for that. That was the delivery company's fault.

 Anyway! Here is what I got this month:
Snacks! Yum.
Side note: I made my mother and brother try the snacks too, so I will write their opinions also.

Almond Rush: Chocolate bar with slices of almonds in it.
Everyone thought this was delicious. Obviously, it's chocolate!

Suzume No Tamago: Peanuts coated in a rice cracker shell.
I loved the wrapper even more than the snack. For some reason it has a cyclops owl teaching other cyclops owls and children. WHAT!? So cute. And the snack was good too.

Mini Salad: Rice crackers with a salad dressing flavored coating.
This one was one of the weirdest flavors. It horrified my mother. It tastes like you poured pure salad dressing in your mouth. It's definitely an acquired taste, but I liked it.
More snacks!
 Elise Stick: Wafer stick with a matcha filling.
I wasn't sure of this one because I've never tried matcha before. But it was SO good. It was the favorite out of all the snacks for all involved.

Cheese Kibun: Rice crackers coated with cheese.
My brother and I loved them. My mother spit them out. So it was divided.

Umaibo: Two puffed corn snacks, cheese and potage flavors.
Again, awesome wrappers. One has what looks like a bunny cooking some corn. And the corn seems totally fine with being boiled because it appears to be smiling. Weird, yet cute. The cheese flavor was delicious. It tasted like a puffed Cheeto, but with a more natural cheese flavor. Not so artificial as normal cheese snacks.
The potage one was the weirdest snack of them all. It tasted like real creamed corn. My mother said it tasted like you ate a pot full of cream corn by itself. We couldn't really handle the flavor, but my brother was obsessed with it.
Snacks and chopsticks.
Milk Caramel: Tastes just like the caramel you get in the states, nothing special.

Fruit Gummies: I got melon and grape. Tasted pretty good, I dislike most candy that isn't chocolate so my brother ate most of them.

Fuwa Fuwa Jelly: It looked like a weird mushy little cube. I wasn't brave enough so I made my brother try it. He loved it. I think he wants to move to Japan now, Mostly for the junk food.

And lastly I got Hashi. Or chop sticks. Which I guess I'll have to learn how to use now. When I try to use them I mostly end up dropping what I was trying to eat. Practice makes perfect, right?

If you would like to join Skoshbox too, check out their website. They only deliver in the U.S for right now, but I think they are planning to expand. New customers have to register before the 15th of each month to be able to receive a box for the next month.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what snack you would try.


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