Maybelline Color Show Swatch & Review

Hello! Monday posts seem to be a regular thing now, but I wanted to do a swatch and review on a new polish I bought last week and have been dying to share.
Maybelline Color Show in Clearly Spotted ( in sunlight)
This is a drugstore find. I bought it at my local CVS for $4. I was going to buy a really pretty peach colored Covergirl polish, but then I saw the display for this new line and I couldn't pass up trying this one. The line has a few other shades that look interesting, but I wanted to just buy one and test it out, in case it wasn't any good.
Clearly Spotted (using flash)
My experience with this polish was pretty good. I love that it reminds me more of Dalmatian fur or crushed oreos than it does polka dots. But I thought it would have a more jelly like consistency by the look in the bottle, so I was a bit disappointed to discover it is just particles in a clear polish base. This was obviously made to go over another polish by how thin the coverage looked. I was worried how it would look on bare nails, so I used a base of white polish underneath it.
Maybelline Color Show in Clearly Spotted (Natural light)
Even with the white polish base I had to use over 4 coats to get really good coverage and show off the spots. Another thing I had to fight with was the huge chunks of particles in it. I had to work really fast to spread them around on my nails so I wouldn't get bare spots. Once dry it had an almost gritty texture that felt a little odd on my nails, but my topcoat smoothed it out a bit.

While I had some complaints, the end effect was really cool, and I really like how dimensional it looks. I even got a few compliments on it!
I think that it is a really unique, cool looking polish. I just wish it was a bit easier to work with.
I'm going to try some of the other colors and see how they work out also.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what you think of this polish.



  1. This polish is lethal, love it! I think it would be nice with purple! Nice blog!

    Lorraine xx

    1. Thanks! That's a cool idea, I should try it with purple or another bold color underneath.


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