Impress Challenge

Day Three

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Day three was a pretty nondescript day, gloomy and dark just how I like it. It was a slow day, so I didn't get to test the nails strength too much. They still felt quite strong, but I noticed that the decal on the free-edges was starting to fade, revealing the white plastic. A bit of wear and tear is to be expected, but on day three it's a bit surprising. But they have already survived two sinks of dishes, three showers, and two shampoos, so that is pretty impressive based on past experience with press-ons. 

Day Four, Fatality!

My right pinkie press-on nail has felt loose for a couple days now, it held out pretty well, but finally kicked the bucket this morning while I was getting dressed. While I am disappointed I lost any of them, I am still pleased with the quality. With past press-on's you were lucky if you made it past the application day before you lost a nail. Luckily, they gave me plenty of extra nails, so I was able to replace it. I am really hopeful that the rest of them will actually make it to day seven. Today is laundry day,- bleh- as well as floor-washing day, dusting/vacuuming day, and pet cage cleaning day, basically all that good stuff - bleh, again-. And after all this cleaning, the nails still feel strong. See you Monday for days five & six!

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Sidenote: Earlier this week, my mother predicted that I would lose one nail or more on Saturday. Apparently she is the Long Island Medium of Rhode Island.

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