Impress Challenge

Day One

I have been looking for a product to buy specifically to review for my blog. I kept seeing the Impress Press-On Manicure at my local CVS, and thought they were cute. But I have used press on nails in the past and have always had a bad experience. I remember combing through my hair with my fingers and getting a nail stuck to my hair, or washing my hands and having nails fall down the drain. So, I was not interested in trying these. But then I read a few reviews, and watched a Youtube review that raved about how well they worked. I was Shocked. I happened to have $3 in extra bucks, so I decided to give it a try. I am calling this the Impress Challenge, and will write about my results for the next week.

Impress press on manicure by Broadway Nails. $8.
The kit is around $8, but with my $3 extra bucks I only paid $5. I picked a patterned kit because the solid colors were a bit boring. If I'm going to spend money on a nail kit, I want something I couldn't just do at home! This pattern is called Lovestruck
The instructions are as follows:
1. Find your correct nail size. (If needed use smaller sizes for best results.)
2. Lay out 10 nails in finger order.
3.Cleanse nails with enclosed prep pad.
4. Firmly apply nails, thumb nails last.

Pretty simple. The box states that they will last up to a week when applied properly. So I made sure I put them on exactly as the instructions said, so if they don't last I know it was the product and not my application skills.
The kit comes with the super cute nail case, a prep pad, and a mini file. The prep pad is just alcohol to remove excess oil off of your natural nail plate. The second you open it the surrounding area smells like a doctors office. The mini file is to file down your natural nails. I also had to use it on the press-on nails because they left a plastic tab on the free edge of each nail, which is very distracting and unappealing. I tried to file them down to no avail. The tab isn't really noticeable to other people, but I notice it!
I love the nail case! It's so cute. You open the top like a real nail polish bottle and the case opens from the bottom. Very useful for storing the extra nails. 
I was happy to see they numbered each nail, so when I found a nail that fit, I just looked for the matching numbered nail. It was difficult to find a match for my thumbs, all the thumb nails were too big. I ended up with two different sized nails, so apparently my thumb nails are mutants.
My poor nails!
Here is a shot of my natural nails after I used the alcohol wipe. My nails are in a crises right now, so I figured this was a perfect product to use and hide them from my sight. I actually had to cut them down before applying the press-on nails. My nail beds are really long, so my free edge was showing through the bottom of the nail. I hated that I had to cut them, they were just starting to grow nice and long again! But I couldn't pass up trying these, so sorry nails!
After I found my nail matches, I peeled off the plastic underneath the nails to reveal the adhesive. Then I pressed them on my nails with all my might -Which isn't much, I'm afraid. But I used what little upper body strength I had.-.
I like them. They are definitely not subtle, up close you can tell they are not my natural nails. I wish they were more rounded. They are quite flat, which gives them a bit of a duck bill effect. I was acutely aware I was wearing them at first. I never wear "fake" nails, stick on or professional, so it took some getting used too. On they felt like when you were a kid and you would put those bugles chips on your fingers and pretend you had claws. -What? Just me? Come on! I know I'm not the only one who did that.- I still feel the thumb nails, since they are too big they touch my skin, and are a tad annoying.

So far so good though. After applying the nails I washed a sink of dishes, made my bed, ran my fingers trough my hair while I flat ironed it, went shopping, and cleaned my bathroom top to bottom. And after all that they still feel really strong and stuck on. One of my index finger nails lifted ever so slightly when I was taking off a necklace, so I'm not sure if it will make it. I keep pressing on it, and it feels fine, so time will tell.

I am so curious if they will really last for the whole week. The Vlog review I watched only showed the nails after day three, so I want to document the whole 7 days. Look out tomorrow for day two in my Impress Challenge.

Thanks for reading!

Have you tried the Impress Press on Manicure? How long did they last for you?

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