DIY Jewelry Stands

I am writing this post on my NEW laptop I bought today! I love it, it's so cute and tiny. And now I can write whenever I want without tying up my household computer. I also had a job interview today that went really well, so basically I'm having a good day!

Anyway, I wanted to post about a DIY (do it yourself) project I did recently. I have a lot of jewelry I've collected over the years. Nothing expensive, mostly interesting costume pieces. But I wanted a cool way to not only store them, but look attractive while doing it. Before this, my jewelry was crammed into a small tackle box thing, and it was hard to find anything.
I stumbled upon this project while watching videos on Youtube. It's by a youtuber called Brittani Louise Taylor. You can find the video here.
I take no credit or ownership for this project idea and design, I'm just showing my results.

1. Modge podge.
2. Hot glue.
3. Acrylic paint - left over from my art school days-. The original video uses spray paint, but I wanted to use up my paint because I have a ton of it.
4. Dishes and glasses.

Old dishes.
I decided to make two pink one tier stands -one for me, one for my mom-, one small blue stand, and a purple two tiered stand for earrings and bracelets. I also found some old apple shaped souffle dishes -they're from my "I want to be a chef" phase.- to paint and use as a display for my small rings and pendants.

After painting.
Here is a picture of some of the dishes drying. It took two coats on each side to cover. I let them dry for about half an hour between coats.

Pink one tier and one of the apple dishes.
I let everything dry overnight. then the next day I put a coat of modge podge on the bottom of the stands and on the plates. This created a barrier to prevent the paint from transferring onto the table or jewelry.

Small blue one tier.
After the modge podge was dry -it's dry when it turns clear-. I then carefully glued the plates to the glasses. It was tricky to make sure it was perfectly centered.

Purple two tier.
They came out pretty cool! After they're painted you can't really tell they were just plates and glasses. They look like little cake stands. I also liked that it cost me $0! I already had everything needed in my house. If you want to make them too, I linked the video in the beginning of this post.

Here is what they look like on my vanity.
These are great for my little pieces of jewelry. And that is a red velvet cake candle in the frame, it is the best candle on earth. It smells so good!
I love the blue stand for my statement rings.

The purple one is great for my earrings. My little earrings go on the plate, and I can hang my larger earrings on the edge. Then I used the bottom tier for my large bracelets.
I decided to use the pink one for some of my beauty products that were stacked on my vanity. It looks a lot nicer. And I have room underneath it for my container of makeup brushes.

It was such a fun project, and it is so much easier to see my jewelry when I get dressed every morning. I found pieces that I forgot I had! I'm so glad I stumbled upon Brittani Louise Taylor's video. I knew being unproductive would pay off one day!

Thanks for reading!
Feel free to comment if you liked this project.


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