CoverGirl Swatch and Review

As you can see I've changed my blogs layout. I was sick of the orange birds. I am not the best page designer, but I like the simple look now. And I tried to incorporate my favorite colors mint, pale pink, and dark brown. I would love to make a banner for my header but I am clueless in that department, so I'm going to leave it as it is for now.

Time for another swatch & review!
Unknown to anyone reading this, - except my mother, who is a fan of my blog and knows how crazy I am.- I have a serious polish collection. I have officially lost count on how many I own, but the collection takes up a whole wall shelf and half of my nail design table. So I would say it's pretty big. Because of this I feel like I don't use all the polish I have, even when I'm doing designs. So I've decided as well as swatch & reviewing new polishes, I am going to also do all my current collection. My hope is that I'll help any other nail polish addict reading this by sharing my experiences with each brand, as well as helping me by reminding myself why I bought it, and maybe inspire some new designs. I also want to check if some of them are still viable or have just turned into goo.

Today I am reviewing a new color I picked up recently at my local CVS for $6.00. It's from a new polish line by Covergirl called Outlast Stay Brilliant, and the second I saw this one I had to have it! I love mint nail polishes. I own three different mint shades already but I couldn't help myself!
Covergirl Mint Mojito, $6.00
This is a creamy formula, with a gloss finish. I like that it doesn't contain any shimmer because sometimes I think it takes away from the color. My other mint shades have shimmer so I was happy to add a more matte polish to my collection.
When it dried it was slightly matte, with a hint of gloss. I used Sally Hanson Double Duty base & top coat in one as my topcoat, which added a bit more gloss, but not too much.
In natural light.
I was happy to see it has really good coverage. Normally with pale colors like this it takes extra coats to cover. Because of this I applied a base of white polish, but I don't think I even needed it. I was pleasantly surprised that I had to use only 2 coats to cover.
The polish was also easy to apply thanks to the brush. It's a little small but when I applied the polish to my nails it spread out really nicely so I didn't have to go over it too many times. I wish it wasn't so squared off, I prefer more domed brushes, but this brush did its job well.
In sunlight.
 One problem I have is that it took forever to dry! Even with my top coat. I had to touch up three different nails because I kept smudging! That drives me crazy, so it loses a few points for that.
With Flash.
I love how it looks with my more vintage looking outfits and jewelry. And I love the coverage and glossy finish. I am just going to have to leave plenty of time for it to dry. I'm so impatient that that is going to be very hard to do, but the final results are worth it. It is my favorite shade of mint out of my collection.

Thanks for reading!
What do you think of this polish? Could you deal with the long drying time?


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