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An extra blog post, omg! I had to make an extra post today to share this awesome recipe I made yesterday. Butterbeer! I would hope there are some Harry Potter fans reading this who know what I'm talking about. Just in case, Butterbeer is a drink from the Harry Potter book series. It was a favorite of all the main characters and intoxicated house-elves.
I found this recipe during my nightly pinning fest on Pinterest. I stumbled across it while pinning my fantasy wardrobe and decor.
I first started reading the Harry Potter series in my early teens, and have re-read them countless times, so I knew I had to try it. There are a lot of recipes for this online, but this was the easiest one, with the fewest ingredients.
I take no ownership or credit for this recipe.

You will need:
-You can use any brand of items, this was just what I picked out at the store. Though I would recommend the Polar cream soda. It's really good.-
Vanilla ice cream.
Butterscotch syrup.
Cream soda.
Sorry! No real beer. A total misnomer. Only people getting drunk off this are house-elves.
Now, the recipe used all of the ingredients. I don't know if it was for a party, or this person just really loves Butterbeer. Either way, I had to alter the quantities. I just winged it based on how many people I was serving. So if you try it, I'd say just eyeball it, it's going to taste awesome anyway.

After blending.
The recipe suggests adding whipped cream on top, I would suggest to even drizzle some butterscotch syrup over that too.
I was a bit worried because I've never had cream soda before. But this was SO good. You can taste a slight hint of carbonation from the cream soda, and it has a strong sweet buttery flavor. Though to me, it almost tasted like egg-nog. I recommend not drinking it too slowly, since the ingredients tend to separate over time. But this is so good you won't have that problem.
I just wish I had some big goblets or something, to make me feel like I'm at The Leaky Cauldron or the Three Broomsticks. I'm such a nerd!

Thanks for reading! 
Are you a Harry Potter fan? Would you try this recipe? Are there any other fictional foods or drinks you'd like to try? 


The recipe I referenced was pinned by a user on Pinterest from a website called iheartnaptime.

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