Blue Frames

(View my last nail design, Neon pink stripeshere.)

This weeks nail design is a bit on the simple side because my nails are a wreck right now. They are brittle, peeling, and breaking, so I had to cut them down. They're so short! I think it's the nail polish remover I bought. It's a little on the strong side. I try to only change my polish once a week, but it's not really helping. Luckily, I was given an oxygen nail treatment from my mother, so I am trying that. After I test it out for a while I plan on reviewing it here.

So for this nail art look I decided to try the frame design I've been seeing a lot lately. I wasn't the biggest fan of it at first, but I think that was because the designs I have seen were a bit over the top in the color contrast, while I prefer a more subtle look.

I decided on shades in the same color family. I used Essie Go Overboard for my frame, and Wet n Wild Megalast I need a refresh-mint as the base.
 The Megalast shade is called mint, but it is more of a robins egg blue. It is my favorite polish out of my way-to-big collection. Sad thing is it's almost gone! I am definitely purchasing it again. Hopefully I have enough left to swatch & review it later. Fingers crossed!
I applied two coats of I need a refresh-mint - best name ever.-. Then I used a detail nail art brush to paint on Go overboard around the edges. After touching up the cuticle area with an angled clean up brush, I applied Sally Hanson Double Duty base & top coat in one.

OK, time for something a bit random. I was watching the first Lord of the Rings film on TV recently, and I happened to look over at Nova's cage and catch this:
One ring to rule them all.
She has great taste in movies! It was that sad scene when Boromir dies. I know he was kind of a jerk at times, and was corrupted by the ring. But I liked him, he cared about the Hobbits, and HELLO, he fought a whole group of bad guys single-handedly, even after getting wounded by 10 arrows! OK, enough ranting. But I always tear up at this scene - I'm such a nerd!-.

Thanks for reading!

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