Ulta Shopping Trip & Zoya Polish Review

Ulta Shopping!

So I have a confession that most beauty obsessed people would normally take to their grave. I have never been to Ulta. GASP! I have an excuse though! I don't currently have a car and the nearest Ulta store is really far away. Like 3 bus rides away. So even though I've wanted to go there for a long time I couldn't find a way. But then the stars aligned: My mom's car needed an oil change. She hates driving on the highway. Like, as much as some people hate spiders that's how much she hates the highway. So she asked me to go as moral support and bribed me further by taking me to Ulta afterwards.
The second I walked through the door I almost died. If I could have set up a cot in Ulta and lived there I would have. Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to look around and the place was HUGE. As I've said before I'm budgeting so I couldn't go crazy. So I bought a new headband which I love. And some nail polish. I was going to get some lipgloss but then I turned a corner and found a WALL of nail polish-heaven-. And in this big wall of nail polish I saw a beautiful Zoya polish calling to me. Now, one thing about me is I have a hoarding problem with lipgloss, so if this polish will make me put down lipgloss it must be awesome. And it was. So I am officially an Ulta convert and I will be visiting again as soon as possible. Even though some of the prices nearly made my eyes fall out of my head.

Zoya Polish Review:

Shade is called Faye
 This is the polish that was calling my name at Ulta. I normally shy away from super shimmery polishes because: a) When my nails are long I feel tacky. And b) If they are too shimmery I feel like I'm 6. But with the deep gold and violet tones in the polish It feels a bit more like a "grown up" shimmer, that also doesn't look tacky on my nails when they are longer.
Another grievance I hold with shimmery polishes is that they take so many coats to cover my nails. But this polish only took three coats to cover which I am very pleased about. I also put a base of white underneath which helped it cover and made the color even bolder. Also bonus points for this polish actually looking the same on my nails as it does in the bottle, and not having that weird strong chemical scent some professional polishes have.
This is my first experience with the Zoya brand and I must say I am very pleased and plan on buying more of their polishes.

So, all in all I had a great experience with both Ulta and Zoya, and would recommend both companies.

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