Drug Store Beauty Mini Haul

I needed a new foundation recently, so I went on a trip to my local CVS. But, being me, I left with more than just foundation. I just can't help myself! So here is what I purchased:
Not bad. I usually buy WAY more.

Now, I know some people look down on drugstore beauty products, and that's fine. But I think the brands have gotten a lot better in recent years, and sometimes you need a break from spending a ton of money on professional brands. And I also find that sometimes I like my drugstore buys better than I do my "professional" products. And only spending $4 for a lip-liner doesn't hurt either.

Tinted Moisturizer $7.
This is what I actually went in for. I usually buy a more expensive foundation that runs for almost $20. But I'm sick of paying that, especially now that the price went up again! And also in the summer I don't need as much coverage and prefer a tinted moisturizer. This one was on sale -yay!- for only $7. I have never used it before and am a bit nervous because it's a little dark for my complexion. But I have always liked the Physicians Formula brand, so I decided to test it out.

Red Lipliner, $4.

I usually focus on my eyes more when doing my makeup. But I'm trying to branch out and try a bold lip.
I always buy Milani's nail polish, but this is my first time trying their makeup. I tested it on my hand and it was very creamy and nice so I'm hopeful.

Covergirl in Mint Mojito, $6
You think I would leave a store without buying some nail polish?! My blog isn't called I Heart Nail Art for nothing!
This is a new line of polish I found from Covergirl. It's also made in France - Oh, la la-. I've never used Covergirl polish so this should be interesting. But if it is half as good as their mascara I'm not worried.

Milani in Pink Hottie, $5.
I own a couple - code for A TON!- of Milani polishes. They are just awesome and great to work with when I'm doing my nail designs. The Milani section in my CVS  has been out of stock for what feels like forever, until this recent shopping trip. That's when I saw this polish. The only sad thing about the restock is that the price went up, they used to be $4. But really, it's a dollar, I think I'll live. Though technically I didn't have to shell out the $1, because I had $3 in Extra Bucks and only paid $2 for it! Thanks Extra Bucks!

Thanks for reading! I plan on reviewing both nail polishes as well as the tinted moisturizer soon, so look out for that. And I also plan on making a Lipstick application tutorial with my favorite tips and tricks.


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