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I have more free time now -yay!-, so I have more time to catch up on my reading. I love talking about books, and sharing books I really like, so I decided to make a segment on my blog all about books!
 I've also seen other beauty bloggers do this and it looked fun.

I recently visited my local library and chose some books.The library is great for me to save money since book prices tend to be expensive lately. The best part is if I hate the book I can just bring it back without guilt. Also, this may be weird but I love old books.
And yes I own a Kindle, but it's not the same as curling up with a good solid book.

Here's what I got:
I love Miss Marple! She's like a mix of a grandmother and homicide detective!
I've borrowed this book before, but I was in school and really busy, so I didn't even read all of it. So I borrowed it again. Obviously the title gives it away, but it's all Agatha Christie's short stories involving Miss Marple.
I actually have no idea if I read this already. I've read so many Agatha Christie books that they are starting to blur together! So I guess I'll find out. It's also a Miss Marple murder mystery story.
I have never read this particular author's work before. But my love of red velvet cupcakes made me borrow this. The main character owns a bakery and solves murders. She's like a mix of Sherlock Holmes and Martha Stewart. And the best part is every chapter she shares recipes! As I write this I am testing one out. It is awesome! I will make a post on the recipe soon, I wont say which one, but it is PINK and yummy!

I will give my opinions on these books in my next Book Nook post.

Thanks for reading! If you've read any of these books let me know what you think in the comments.


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